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So went to Slimmingworld last night #wednesdayweighin and managed to maintain despite two take outs, an easter egg, a kit kat chunky and god knows what else i have eaten over easter!! I was really happy with that, yes ok it wasnt a loss so not a massive success but i'd take it any day of the week from what i was expecting.


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Well done Chris:)

Over half my group managed to maintain including myself:D
@Mini i think i was one of very few who didnt gain this week which felt really good. even the guy who i tend to compare myself to gained 3.5lb this week which i think shocked me but then made me feel really ok about my maintain.
I have got comfortable since starting my new relationship just over a year ago but im happier than i ever was and so if some weight has gone back on as a consequence, i dont see it as a negative.
You have done very well on your weight loss journey and I am happy for you and your new is easy to get too comfortable.:oops:

Temptation was everywhere over Easter and I was just so happy not to of had a gain...same as the rest of us who STS.:)

Those who had a gain in my group were expecting it as they had planned to indulge in the chocolate eggs and eating out to celebrate...mind you, one lady lost a pound and she was shocked after all the naughty treats she consumed.

Goes to show we shouldn't compare ourselves when it comes to losing weight.