1. kittenSW7

    s & s starting tomorrow

    hello I'm starting s&s from tomorrow, hoping for loads of support
  2. F

    Step 1 Sole Source Hey I am a newby.

    Hi guys. I am starting my journey today. Does anybody want to buddy up? I have 5 stone to lose in total, breaking that down into separate stones. I have a graduation ceremony in mid October and a holiday mid November, so it might be a very bumpy road. Who's up for it?
  3. CrazyMoo


    Hi to all!! Wanted to introduce myself..... Im Michelle (Shell), 32 from Liverpool I feel embarrassed of myself in this picture.....Can not fathom how Ive allowed my body to get into such a poor condition. :badmood: It was seeing this picture & others from recent trips & family gatherings...
  4. poko

    Losing weight for the last time - this time I mean it!

    Hello! I'm starting today, again for the last time. I've done weight watchers, skimming world, Cambridge, 123 Terri-Ann diet plan and calorie counting and I am mad at myself! I throw money at anything that might make me thinner. But money doesn't buy will power and motivation and there lies my...
  5. SWnewbie2016

    Help...gaining weight!

    Hi all, I've recently joined slimming world and have been doing the diet for around two weeks. Exercising more than ever, but the weight won't shift? I was hoping someone could tell me from my food diary if I'm doing something wrong! Tuesday 2nd Breakfast - an apple and grapes Lunch - mugshot...
  6. Gezza_B

    Curious New Start

    Hey everyone. I am starting the Exante diet next week. Do you have any tips on how to stick to it? What meals taste good and what to avoid? Also I would like to know how successful it is? What should I expect to lose? Thanks in advance