Help...gaining weight!


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Hi all,

I've recently joined slimming world and have been doing the diet for around two weeks. Exercising more than ever, but the weight won't shift? I was hoping someone could tell me from my food diary if I'm doing something wrong!

Tuesday 2nd
Breakfast - an apple and grapes
Lunch - mugshot with melon and banana
Dinner - SW nuggets using my hex b with SW chips and salad

Syns - 2 for tomato ketchup, one pink and white wafer - 4 syns

Wednesday 3rd
Breakfast - melon strawberries and grapes
Lunch - tuna salad with peppers, tomatoes and no dressing. One apple
Snack - 1 alone light (speed hex b)
Dinner - spaghetti, trimmed bacon, mushrooms and home made tomato sauce with my hex a cheese

Syns - 1 pink and white wafer = 2 syns

Thursday 4th
Breakfast - strawberries grapes and apple
Lunch - leftover dinner
Snack - hex b alpen x 1
Dinner - brown rice, stir fried chicken with lots of speed veg

Syns - some sweets - 4 and pink and white wafer - 2 so total of 6

This is a snapshot of 3 days, most days tend to be the same. I have fruit for breakfast, tend to only have my syns in the evening and on most days only use my hex a from milk with tea and coffee. In the past week I've done two 5k runs, a 3k run and two gym classes so I'm a bit confused!

Would really appreciate any advice from you experts! :)
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