1. Trini85

    Trini's fabulous weight loss journey...1800 cals per day

    Hi all, I am going to use this thread as a personal diary experience for my weight loss. I used MiniMins successfully about 10 years when I was on the Dukan Diet and then Keto - currently trying to use a less-restrictive diet alongside gym 4 x per week. After trying a multitude of diets and...
  2. Trini85

    I'm back like I never left :-)

    Hello all, I used MiniMins many moons ago when I was on the Dukan Diet and made a wealth of connections during that time. Dukan allowed me to be the slimmest I have ever been (size 8) but for me, was very expensive to maintain long-term [it may have changed since then]. 10 years later and I...
  3. F


    Holla. I'm new here. I hope to be inspired and also inspire others
  4. G

    Sp days

    Hi everyone! I am currently on my slimming world journey. I have been on/off now for over a year, just 4 weeks ago I started again. I am detemined to stick to it this time! So far I have lost 10lbs. I go on holiday in just over six weeks and would like to loose another 14lb before I go. Is this...
  5. M

    End of Day 2

    Just finished my 2nd day on Exante. Did it once and lasted 3 days but I am going on holiday on 28/8 and had 5 months to get to my goal weight...however me being me I still am no way near! So I have turned to Exante with a new found determination because I could potential be at my lowest ever...