End of Day 2


Just finished my 2nd day on Exante. Did it once and lasted 3 days but I am going on holiday on 28/8 and had 5 months to get to my goal weight...however me being me I still am no way near! So I have turned to Exante with a new found determination because I could potential be at my lowest ever (that I can remember) weight of 10st 9lbs. How much has everyone lost in their first 5 weeks??...I need the motivation!

Goal Weight - 9st 2lbs. Current Weight - 12st 8lbs. Starting Weight - 12st 10lbs

4/8 - Get to 12st. 28/8 - Get to a Healthy Weight (BMI) - 11st 4lb. 20/12 - Get to goal weight for birthday
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I hope you're feeling ok today. By looking at your start weight and goals I figured that you want to lose 20lbs in just over 5 weeks and looking at your healthy BMI goal I figured you must be quite tall .

So at 12.10, you were 20 lbs overweight. However much you lose, you'll feel much better for it when you're on holiday.

Good luck on your weight loss journey.
Yes starting to feel less fatigued today but I am super focuses this time round and feel like nothing is going to stand in my way
Did a sneaky weigh in this morning and I am another 2lb down...that's 4lb in two day! Results like this keep me motivated.
Yes I am fairly tall at 5ft 7 and I carry my weight quite well and even though friends and family say my weight is fine I know I am overweight and need to lose weight to be healthy!
After this initial weight loss losing 20lbs in 5 weeks seems achievable but like you said at least I will be going on holiday weighing less than before!
Good luck to you too hunni :)
Thank you. Feeling hungry today :eatdrink023:

Trying to keep my mind occupied but it's difficult preparing meals for the kids. My husband is working all weekend. He came home at 8 last night and had to make his own tea. I just don't feel strong enough to prepare it without mindlessly putting a nibble in my gob.

I'm sure you're going to look fabulous on your holiday. Sounds like you're doing great x
I work in a supermarket so I am surrounded by food all day every day so I know the feeling!! :p But pleased to say I haven't given in to temptation yet either...

Just think of how fabulous you will look and feel... I love when I come home at 8pm and have my last meal as I know I've done another day and can tick it off my list...

Just weighed in again to and I am down to 12st 3lbs so I have lost half a stone and its only day 6! Delighted is an understatement :D

Hope your doing well X

Glad you're doing well, you sound really motivated. I've stuck to it but don't understand why the scales aren't moving as quickly as in the past :mad:.

Been at work all day today and yesterday so have stuck to it 100% but not in again until Sunday so it's going to be difficult.

Well done on your weight loss so far x
Yes feeling determined this time! It's been difficult but I am fed up of being overweight...
Going on holiday in just over 4 weeks and would love to be 11st...don't know if it is going to be possible but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. My first week is over tomorrow and I am already 9lbs down so hoping the scale will tell me I have lost 10lbs by tomorrow morning... This means I will have reached my first mini goal of getting to 12st :)

I find the diet is a lot easier to stick to while at work...today I was off and I struggled because boredom set in a few time :( but still stuck to it 100%

Hope your weight loss is keeping you going too x