Trini's fabulous weight loss journey...1800 cals per day


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Hi all,

I am going to use this thread as a personal diary experience for my weight loss.

I used MiniMins successfully about 10 years when I was on the Dukan Diet and then Keto - currently trying to use a less-restrictive diet alongside gym 4 x per week.

After trying a multitude of diets and realising, I just love food too much to be super restrictive, I will be tracking foods up to 1800 calories per day.

40% Protein, 40% Carbs, 20% Fat - The fat is the hardest one to stick to generally for me.

Starting weight as of 03/02/23 - 87kg (13.7st)

Current weight - 84.6kg (13.3st)

Goal weight - 60.3kg (9.5st)

I have a long way to go but, I'm sure with the support of MiniMins members, I can get to be the best version of myself :)

Porridge with (Apx cals 300):-

- Flaxseeds
- Chia seeds
- Preserved pineapple
- Canadian maple syrup
- Oat/apple topping

Lunch (Apx cals 580):

- Giant cous cous
- Chicken breast
- Stewed aubergine
- 100ml Mushroom soup + 1 mini bread roll

Dinner (Apx 600):

- Homemade curry beef
- Homemade egg fried rice
- Cucumber

Snack (Apx 35):

- Satsuma


- Gym - 20-min cardio + Upper body workout
Welcome back and best of luck on your journey!
Thank you @tipperary…I’m realising this is going to be so much harder this time round, so I need to log on here a lot more to keep me on track.
Right, so my diet was all over the place last week, so will I aim to do better this week.

Having a hormone test done on Wed, so let's see if I figure out why it's so hard to shift these lbs.

Did not manage to attend the gym 4x last week (due to commitments and fatigue), so hopefully this week is miles better.
Good afternoon all,

So I got my results back and I now have an idea of why I have struggled to lose weight.

I am lacking in at least 7 vitamins which has contributed to weight gain, fatigue, low mood and reduced vision.

I was also told I have a lot of fat around my liver which needs to be cleansed, for vitamins to be absorbed.

As I have a lack of Vit B1, it has meant that I have not been able to break down sugars/carbs properly, resulting in me just getting heavier and heavier and my metabolism being the slowest it has ever been.

So glad to have a starting point - let the vitamin popping begin lol.

Weirdly, my weight was lower in the clinic but, I will not get excited until weigh day (which is Sunday for me).
Oh, how could I forget..I also decided to get a full allergy/intolerance screen to see what foods I should be avoiding.

If chicken and/or seasonings are on there, I will cry lol.
Wow, at least you have an answer now. Did they recommend supplements and in any particular form? And this they have any suggestions for the fat around the liver?
For the fat around the liver, a cheap option is to take Dandelion Root but, it will take around 3 months.

For the vitamins, I need to take A, B1, C, D3, E, K…surprised I’m not falling apart lol
For the fat around the liver, a cheap option is to take Dandelion Root but, it will take around 3 months.
3 minths is pretty good compated to 5 years trying😂
Happy Sunday!

Got my allergy/intolerance results back for things my body may not respond well to and it’s shocking.

Even my beloved onions and garlic made this list…garlic is my life 😭

Will try and restrict the items on the avoidance list to special occasions but, it’s definitely going to be hard.