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Extra Easy £5.75 for a salad in uni !!!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Shangri-la, 2 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Shangri-la

    Shangri-la Full Member

    I cant believe that if i want a salad made up in Uni (I have no fridge or kitchen where i stay) to take home in the evening that it is costing me £5.75. They made a huge deal out of it because i asked for a salad and not a wrap/sandwich as they are a deli. First they told me it would be £5, then £5.50 and finally £5.75 and I want one for the four days that i stay up there.

    I am just so annoyed that if i want healthy food, it costs a bomb but if i get some rubbish chicken nuggets and chips in student union canteen, it costs £2.50. It will cost more than £20 per week for four salads!!!

    Just wondering if this is because i get just lettuce and onions with tuna, chicken, bacon and ham and 2 eggs??. I hate other salad items and I just do this to keep my conscience clear,lol. I have an 8 hour journey home on thursdays and i find that this salad with a banana and muller keep me going until i get my dinner at 8pm.

    Sorry, rant over, lol. It seems to cost a lot of money to be healthy but I cannot put a price on good health. I just make sure that when i am home, that i really enjoy my kitchen!!!
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  3. Is there a supermarket or an M&S nearby where you could buy a bag of salad?
  4. Shangri-la

    Shangri-la Full Member

    There is AnnaFaraday but by the time, I would buy all the meat it would probably cost me a fortune and where even would I make it up?. I am half thinking it would be cheaper and easier to do one of the tfr diets such as exante as I could just have the 3 bars per day and then have my salad for evenings as it would be cheaper. However, I love the slimming world way as I feel so healthy while following it. I only have 8 weeks to end of semester and then will be out on placements for the summer elsewhere so ill just have to grin and bear it in the name of health.
  5. slimmingmadhouse

    slimmingmadhouse Full Member

    If there is a Subway near by they do a salad and drink for £3. :)
  6. RM07

    RM07 Silver Member

    Asda do a ham salad or an egg salad and it's two for £3. I'm not sure how your uni is justifying the cost of a salad. You could always contact someone at the uni to highlight the issue.
  7. Shangri-la

    Shangri-la Full Member

    I am not within walking distance of subway or asda and i have no car up there. Uni says they are charging me seperate for each meat ie chicken, tuna, bacon and ham but that is crazy for bits of deli meat!!!. They are outside contracters for the uni. i might just try the student union deli. they might make up something for me at half the price. Thanks all.
  8. Vickyt89

    Vickyt89 Full Member

    Its because of the meat.. i know its stupid but usually its 3salad items to one meat or cheese..
  9. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    I agree with the above. The bulk of that isn't actually salad.
  10. RebekahR

    RebekahR Gold Member

    I'm thinking you'd be better off making your own

    Boil four eggs (under 1)
    Lettuce 50p
    Lean ham 1 pound
    Crabsticks under 1

    Make x2 salads

    Could add peppers/onion if you like

    Worth a ten minutes in the kitchen

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  11. Shangri-la

    Shangri-la Full Member

    I would have no problem making my own but I have no fridge or kitchen. I am staying in an en-suite room with no facilties. I know that its all meat but this is my dinner and I have no bread with it, hence all the meat lol. I find all the protein keeps me really full. Thanks for you reply.x
  12. RebekahR

    RebekahR Gold Member

    Sorry hun I missed that!

    If I didn't have access to kitchen then I would pick up the following

    Salad bag * stash plastic forks!
    Quorn bits/chicken/ham/ crabsticks - munch out of packet
    Apple/ pears

    Got to be cheaper than using the uni canteen!!!

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  13. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    I agree that the protein is a good idea to keep you full but wasn't the gripe the extortionate cost of a "salad"? Yes its ridiculous that its cheaper to eat rubbish but isn't that the problem everywhere? Salad is cheaper to produce and sell then meats, eggs and fish so automatically having a pot if these items will be more expensive. You said yourself in reply that buying all the meat yourself would cost a fortune.

    It it must be a nightmare for you in those circumstances. I'd definitely have a big stash of fruit on me that didn't need refrigerating and maybe have more salad in your salad to drive the cost down. At the end of the day if it works then maybe you have to shoulder the cost. I think our country has a real issue with food pricing and its insane that it coats that much whatever you put in it when a burger and chips is half the price. Is it any wonder we have a high obesity rate?!
  14. Shangri-la

    Shangri-la Full Member

    This is the perfect idea, RebekahR and thank you. I will deffo be using this idea as I was unaware that you could buy quorn pieces. I have the plastic cutlery, bowls etc in my room. The fruit will also fill me up. Thank you as this will probably be half the cost.xx
  15. Shangri-la

    Shangri-la Full Member

    Thats true, Lickthelid. One cannot put a price on health!!!. I will definetely pick up more fruit supplies to keep me full. x
  16. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Gold Member

    Could you get a mini or tabletop fridge? Shouldn't take up much room and you may even be able to pick one up on freecycle for nothing. Argos has them from £22 upwards depending on size. Even a cool bag would be better than nothing xx
  17. Shangri-la

    Shangri-la Full Member

    I wish i could as so many people have suggested this to me but my landlord goes into my room every day to make the bed even though i have asked him not to as its a bed and breakfast but he insists on it and he nearly had a nervous breakdown when i brought a small heater with me before as he ran out of oil and there was no heat. He would never tolerate it in the bedroom. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  18. NotsofattyPatty

    NotsofattyPatty Gold Member

    I can see that buying ready-made salads from somewhere such as M&S isn't viable if you only like lettuce and onion - do you eat any other salad veg at all? Perhaps you would be happy to eat raw mange tout/sugar snap peas, baby corn or carrot sticks. To be honest, if lettuce and onion is all you like then why bother? Just have your protein and follow with fruit.

    If you do want the salad, I would consider buying some small onions which you could chop up yourself and don't need to be kept in a fridge (or bottled onions?) and buy a bag of lettuce or a little gem-type lettuce as you need it - although waste is bad, it's probably cheaper on your pocket than paying the uni price. Look around for individual servings of chicken/ham/ready cooked fish/cheese and buy fresh on a daily basis. I'd spend a little time walking around a place convenient for the uni and get ideas for things which can be put together to make a satisfying meal.

    If you're prepared to use a few syns, you could buy something like a John West tuna and pasta salad which you only need to take the lid off - they might be useful as a standby in case you're short of time.
  19. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    Ah sorry I just posted about the mini fridge idea then realised there was a second page of comments I'd missed! Editing to delete.
  20. wow that is really expensive hope you manage to find something cheaper :)
  21. ColJack

    ColJack Gold Member

    Couldn't you do a deal with the b&b owner to have an evening salad instead of a breakfast?

    Not sure what your breakfast situation is ..

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