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❤ Sellie's Food Diary & Graduation Countdown - Slimming World Recipes ❤


Love to cook... and eat!!
Everyone’s gotta start somewhere. Unfortunately it turns out that I’m not very good at starting… well, anything. Procrastination queen! :D but this time I really need to get stuck in. I’ve been trying to lose weight on-and-off since I started university in 2010, and if anything I’ve just gained weight. Not cool. So my lovely friend has given me last year’s copy of her Slimming World manual and I have invested in a cookbook from WH Smith to get started.

Now, I know I’m not paying for the Slimming World privilege, but I will as soon as I’ve graduated. There isn’t a class near me at university, so I plan to wait until I get home so I can walk to the one practically 2 minutes away :) I’m making this blog to try and keep on the straight and narrow, but I’m going to be totally honest with my food diary either way. I’ll only be cheating myself otherwise! So I doubt anyone will see/read this, but if you do all tips/encouragement are gratefully received ;) I've been on Extra Easy for a month now and so far I've lost 7lb! :party0049:

Going to write my food diary on here every day and link to any online recipes I use too (there are some gems on this forum!), I'll start from yesterdays diary. Wish me luck! :) xxx
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Love to cook... and eat!!
23.2.13 - Food Diary

2 hard boiled eggs and 2 oranges 0 Syns
Lunch: "Doner Kebab" meat with salad and 1tbsp sweet chilli sauce 5 Syns
Slimming World Cottage Pie (adapted to shepherds pie) from the March/April 2013 SW magazine 2 Syns
Cadburys Snack chocolate biscuits, 2 glasses Asda Rose and Cranberry Spritzer 6 Syns

Healthy Extra A: Parmesan & 1 Babybel Light
Healthy Extra B: -

Total Syns: 13

The doner meat recipe is to die for! I used lamb as the recipe states but apparently it is also really good with beef :) the recipe can be found here: http://www.minimins.com/slimming-wo...oner-kebab-recipe-tastes-like-real-thing.html it is GORGEOUS! :D xxx

2013-02-23 14.16.28.jpg
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Love to cook... and eat!!
24.2.13 - Food Diary

Overslept :( 0 Syns
Lunch: 2 slices wholegrain bread with 1.5tbsp light salad cream, ham, salad and one pack of Sunbites Onion & Rosemary Crisps 8 Syns
Fish linguine with a quark/fat free fromage frais sauce, and Parmesan. Sugar free Raspberry Jelly 1 Syn
Tea x2 1 Syn

Healthy Extra A: Parmesan
Healthy Extra B: 2 slices wholegrain bread

Total Syns: 10 :)

Pretty good day all in all, using up the rest of my fish pie mix and king prawns from my fish pie, but the sauce was lovely :) got it from Ems food: http://emsfood.wordpress.com/2012/04/15/making-a-low-calorie-creamy-pasta-sauce/ and it is definitely worth a look if like me you love creamy sauces, it's syn free too! Xxx
Hi Sellierose,

Welcome and good luck with your journey.
I too procrastinate and begin a new diet every time I go over my syns! I've been trying to lose weight for years, but today, I've decided to do it and continue - irrespective of whether I have a good or bad day.
Look forward to following your diary.


Love to cook... and eat!!
Thankyou squeakie! I'll be posting photos too... I did keep a blog for a while as I started on 21st Jan but it was proving too much hassle as a) I'm a perfectionist and wanted it to look pretty and b) no one other than me looks at it anyway! At least here someone might get an idea or two :) good luck!!! :D xxx


Love to cook... and eat!!
25.2.13 - Food Diary

Two oranges and a mandarin Muller Light 0 Syns
Lunch: 'Spaghetti Carbonara' - leftover creamy sauce from yesterday, with onion, ham and 40g reduced fat cheddar 0 Syns
2 Birds Eye Chicken Burgers with a wholemeal roll, 1tbsp sweet chilli and mayo, salad and spaghetti hoops. Sugar free Raspberry Jelly 11.5 Syns
Tea x2, chicken mugshot 1 Syn

Healthy Extra A: 40g reduced fat cheddar
Healthy Extra B: 1 wholegrain roll

Total Syns: 12.5

In other news: Weigh-in day: Lost 2.2lb!! :party0049:

Woohoo! Lost 9.2 pounds in total now since 21.1.13, pretty chuffed :D sauce recipe for my carbonara is here, i just added cheddar :) http://emsfood.wordpress.com/2012/04/15/making-a-low-calorie-creamy-pasta-sauce/
Had a mega shop arrive today including some Dorset Cereal and some Lemon Drizzle and Chocolate & Fudge Alpen Light bars... Yummy!

Heres my dinner:

Til tomorrow!! Xxxxx
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Love to cook... and eat!!
26.2.13 Food Diary

Breakfast: Lemon Drizzle Alpen Light bar (no superfree I know... Need to sleep better!) 0 syns

Lunch: Wrights salad, offending items were coleslaw and coronation chicken, mmmm! 12 syns

Dinner: Teriyaki mushroom stir fry. 6 syns

Other/Snacks: Tea x2, babybels, alpen light chocolate cereal bar.

Healthy Extra A: 60ml semi skimmed milk and 2 babybel lights
Healthy Extra B: 2 Alpen Light bars

Total syns: 19

Not a good day :( the salad was totally worth it though. Will have a better day tomorrow, and I need to drink more fluids too! Long day at a course tomorrow and the last thing I want/need is a headache! Night :)


Love to cook... and eat!!
27.2.13 Food Diary

Breakfast: Dorset Cereals Simply Fruity Muesli, 40g with semi-skimmed milk. 0 Syns

Lunch: Wholemeal roll, light salad cream, ham and salad. Worcester sauce French Fries, and a grape/apple bag. 11 Syns

Dinner: Gammon, two eggs and SW chips with 1tbsp ketchup. 0.5 Syns

Other/Snacks: Tea x2, Borders Oat Biscuits & Toffee Muller Light. 7 Syns

Healthy Extra A: 250ml semi skimmed milk
Healthy Extra B: Dorset Cereal Muesli

Total syns: 18.5

Again, awful day. Having a bit of a lull! Loooong 8 hour course today which killed me, and an important presentation to give at uni tomorrow. Everyone was munching gorgeous looking free biscuits at the course and I had to give in! Only had one pack of 2 biscuits, most people had 3 haha makes me feel a lil better... :p tomorrows one of my favourite ever meals, chilli <3 going to try and made my recipe SW friendly so we shall see how that goes! xxx


Love to cook... and eat!!
28.2.13 Food Diary

Breakfast: Wholemeal toast and strawberry jam - 2 syns
Lunch: Salad, offending items were coleslaw and potato salad - 4 syns
Dinner: Chilli, rice and sour cream - 5 syns
Other/Drinks: Tea x2

Healthy Extra A: Semi skimmed milk
Healthy Extra B: Wholemeal bread

Syn total: 11


1.3.13 Food Diary

Breakfast: Mullerlight strawberry and a grape/apple bag - 0 syns
Lunch: Cheese and tomato pasta pot and Quavers - 17.5 syns... Ouch!!
Dinner: SW chicken korma and rice - 0 syns
Other/Drinks: Lilt zero, tea x2, one Lindt chocolate - 4 syns

Healthy Extra A: Semi skimmed milk
Healthy Extra B: nowt :(

Syn total: 21.5

2.3.13 Food Diary

Breakfast: Fruit salad - 0 syns
Lunch: Omelette with ham and salad - 0 syns
Dinner: SW KFC style chicken, corn on the con, baked beans and SW chips - 1 syn
Other/Drinks: Tea x1, Lilt Zero - 0.5 syns

Healthy Extra A: Glass of skimmed milk
Healthy Extra B: Wholemeal bread

Syn total: 1.5

KFC dinner:

Been a bit lazy with the post the past few days, haven't been very well :( slowly on the mend now though tho, been a rocky few days for syns! Xxx


Love to cook... and eat!!
3.3.13 Food Diary

Breakfast: None :/
Lunch: Toby Carvery! Offending items were gravy, mash, Yorkshire pud, horseradish and cranberry sauce - 15.5 syns
Dinner: Leftover 'KFC' chicken, Ainsley Harriott Moroccan couscous and lettuce - 1.5 syns
Other/drinks: Tea x2

Healthy Extra A: Skimmed milk
Healthy Extra B: Wholemeal bread (for chicken)

Total Syns: 17

Not cool I know. Still shattered from last week, hence the lie in! My OH wanted to treat me to lunch so we went to Toby's, to be honest for what I had 15.5 syns wasn't bad!! God knows how my weigh in tomorrow will go... Hopefully I'll stay the same and not gain! Fingers crossed... :/
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Love to cook... and eat!!
8.3.13 Food Diary

Breakfast: SW French Toast with maple syrup and berries, and one fried egg. 2.5 Syns
Lunch: 1/2 a SW Cottage Cheese Scone with 1tsp reduced fat spread. 1 Syn
Dinner: Hellman's 'Chicken Scrumptious' with baked potatoes and mixed vegetables. 0.5 Syns
Other/Drinks: Options coconut hot chocolate, tea x2. 2.5 Syns

Healthy Extra A: Parmesan cheese (Dinner)
Healthy Extra B: Wholemeal bread (1 slice @ breakfast and 1tbsp breadcrumbs for dinner)

Total Syns: 6.5

Back from my London trip now! Although I didn't record everything, I am getting the hang of it now and knew what I could/couldn't have without looking it up all of the time! Bar a few slip ups (e.g. going to Chinatown with friends and eating at a Chinese buffet!) I managed to mostly stay on track so fingers crossed Monday's weigh in won't be too tragic.

Photo of my boyfriends breakfast (2 slices instead of 1 and it looked prettier as he likes banana!)
Recipe here:

Photo of my dinner
Recipe here:

Til tomorrow! :D


Love to cook... and eat!!
Still been on plan but thought i was ready to stop writing *everything* down... Seems not! Reckon ill have a sts when I weigh myself tomorrow morning...

B: Magic porridge with a toffee muller light, 1 orange
L: Waitrose prawn noodle salad (4) and a cuppa (0.5)
D: Sweet Thai chilli Supernoodles with peppers, lettuce and 3 babybel lights (HExA)

Also had two SW gingerbread men (3), another cuppa (1), and about ten Burger King chips haha :D (2)

Not too bad given I moved home from Uni for Easter! Gonna be difficult to try and eat right with my mums lovely cooking luring me in...!! :/

Posting these that I found on Pinterest too, I find them useful :)


I tend to lose track when I don't write things down then extras creep in. :cry:

Was there a GREEN day plate where you found those other two ? Thanks.
Hey!! Your diary is very inspiring as its a lot like mine!! Good luck with being home :) my mum did SW last year so its not too bad when I go home, although dad is a food guzzler so it is hard when he sits there with crisps and chocolate!! Cxxx


Love to cook... and eat!!
Hey!! Your diary is very inspiring as its a lot like mine!! Good luck with being home :) my mum did SW last year so its not too bad when I go home, although dad is a food guzzler so it is hard when he sits there with crisps and chocolate!! Cxxx
Slimming world is new to all of us but ive got full reign of dinners as they all wanna lose a little! Thankfully I love cooking :) gotta cook tonight but haven't decided what yet... Choices choices! Xxxx


Love to cook... and eat!!
Its my WI tonight, so I'm making a spag Bol for afterwards, but seeing as its WI day it will be followed by chocolate! Xxx
Mmm lovely! I'm making the family a SW fish pie from last issue of the mag :) lost 1.5lb this week so super chuffed! Totally thought I was going to gain.... Been sorting out old clothes today too and you wouldn't believe how happy I was to be able to fit into two of my favourite dresses again, so so nice :D took photos too haha how sad am I :D xxxx


Love to cook... and eat!!
Breakfast: Fried egg fried in frylight on 1 slice Seed Sensations bread, and a bag of apple slices. 6 syns
Lunch: Cup of tea and an Alpen Light Bar, one SW gingerbread man. 1.5 syns
Dinner: SW Fish Pie with mangetout 0 syns
Other: Orange Juice 5 syns
A: Milk and Philidelphia Extra Light B: 1 Alpen Light bar

Fish Pie003.jpg Fish Pie005.jpg

Seriously love this fish pie, its soooo good! From page 29 in the last issue of SW magazine :) went shopping today so the fridge is now stocked with *normal* brown bread instead of seedy synful stuff :p

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