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too much water?


I will get to goal .....

I believe (and I'm sure someone will correct me if I am wrong :) ) that if you are retaining water you need to up your fluids to help release it?! I'm always suffering from water retention so I drink a little extra for a couple of days and it goes, then back to normal. I drink 4-5 litres per day too - so can't see there's anything wrong with your water intake hun. Chin up - the water retention will pass and you will see a nice big drop on the scales x
well, i don't know if i am retaining water. how do you know? this whole conversation came up as i was telling her that my first week is almost over and i only lost 1.5kg but all the other people said they lost like 10lb. so i asked her if i was doing anything wrong, then she asked me how much water i drink. i said 4 to 5 L a day then she said it's too much and that i might be retaining water.. sigh, now i'm confused.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Really....What was the reason for thinking this?................are you coming up to the TOTM? You can retain fluid a bit then, but I don't beleive it is because of the water you are drinking....

I would not cut down, try and stick to 4
Do you drink your water up to getting weighed because that could be adding a couple of lbs, I always have my weigh in in the morning and don`t have anything until I have been weighed.
I also don't think 4.5l is too much water - there are days where I have done 7l (granted that does mean 3 toilet visits in the night ;-) ) and whoever said that fluid retention is helped by more fluid is completely right so it could just be drinking close to being weighed - a litre of water weighs a kilo remember. Mostly 4l is the bare minumum I aim for - when on was on LL we were told we had to drink that so I can't see it being too much water.