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0/T advice needed on break in work

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ive just applied for a new job and found out today i have it on the exception that i must prove what i was doing for a whole year.

I finished college, but didnt bother looking for work. i didnt claim any benefits but was sick for a few months and on meds.

my parents supported me ( i know i was very lucky to be in the position) and therein lies the problem. how do i show what i was doing for a whole year when i wasnt actually doing anything?

any help appreciated, i need to prove it by wed next week :sigh:
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Did you do any volunteering, additional study, part-time work or helping out at home?
If you were sick then that obviously is covered.

What do you think they *want* to hear from you? what do you think they *want* you to have been doing? YOu could then tailor your response towards that. Did you research careers, for example?

I don't really understand why someone wants you to 'prove' what you did for a year... what's the job you are hoping to go into? (don't have to be too specific!!)
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just working in a bank. i just basically have to show what i was doing for that year!

i was on meds for depression but took myself off them because they didnt really work and basically spent a year doing nothing and feeling sorry for myself.

i dont seee how i can prove that or why it should matter, its not like i have been in prison or anything serious.

apparantly for a period of longer than 8 - 12 weeks i have to prove what i was doing.

i did think to ask a doctor to write me a sick note just saying i was ill but because i didnt claim any sort of benefits i dont know if it would help :S


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I could think of a million things to say but saying is not proving, you need to have something in your hand that backs what you are saying.

Do you have any friends who own their own business that could say that you were volunteering there until you decided on the path to take and if you dont maybe local business people that you are very friendly with. I dont think telling a fib is good but sometimes people actually push you to do it. Also I think this would go down pretty well.
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something to think about but ive already told them that i was doing "nothing". god i sound so lazy but tahts what depression did too me :(


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I think that telling them you was ill for a long period might make them think that you might also take alot of time off work and keep getting ill. Also dont mention depression, businesses love energetic and up for anything type of people. They dont want to take risks.

You can get a sick note from your doctor to cover maybe 2 months then 5 months of volunteering and 5 months of taking some time out after college to spend with your family and decide on a career.


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You could say you did not mention volunteer work because you did not consider it as a job as it was not paid :D
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therein lies the problem. its not the fact i was ill they know and still iffered me the job. i cant say that i was thinking about going back to college...i have to "prove" i was thinking about it. i just dont have a clue how!!

why arent things just simple, i can do the job but theyre making it so hard!
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That's so bizarre that they want you to prove it! I'm sorry but I've got absolutely no idea what to suggest. I hope that you can think of something. Let us know how you get on!
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it is totall bizzarre! i worked for a bank before ealier in the year and they didnt have a problem. but i was made redundant.

but this is done through an agency aswell, ive never known something to be so complicated!


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urgh. i was in recruitment and some employers can be sooo fussy. volunteer work or work experience is an excellent get out clause. if you need evidence then the truth is the best way to go. other than that friends are the best bet, say you were doing work experience in their company and get them to reference you. other than that i'd say if you've already told them there was a gap in employment, all you can really do is say times are hard and you've been looking for work.

i'm sorry that's not much help hun xxx


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If they know everything then the last thing I can suggest is get a GP letter to confirm the months you were ill and then a letter from your parents confirming you was at home and they supported you. If they have accepted the above then just get letters to confirm them :)


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Personally i think they are using the prove it thing as a chance to be honest and up front. They dont want to take a chance on someone that says they just took a year out, because in many cases thats not true. some people use the year out option to cover up the fact they couldnt get work after being sacked, or prison or whatever.

honesty is the best bet. if you cant prove it you cant prove it. maybe bank statement that show no income, plus doctors note. they already know you suffer from depression, and they can not hold that against you. also get offer a character reference, and get someone you know well to do one. Just say you took a short career break to spend time with family and re-coop, also get your parents to also write and explain they support you finacially.

Hope that helps hun xx

There is no point in lying and saying you've done things you haven't it'll come back and bite you on the butt!
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Hi Hun

I think its because you dont have any evidence that they are being this pedantic. Why dont you say that as you were depressed (which they already know about), you spent some time trying to get yourself motivated by going on internet and checking out support groups etc, and that you also spent some time looking after an elderly family member who had been in hospital and was recovering but needed support, like a great aunt or grandparent perhaps..... Thats way you have done "nothing" workwise but you were still with family and "helping" someone else.

Other than that you are going to have to blatently lie and get a friend to mock up a letterhead on comp to say you did some unpaid helping out from time to time....

thats all i can think of.

good luck xx
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my grandads registered blind. do you think i could say i was a part time un paid carer.

i did help his around the house, and still do. its just stretching the truth a bit and makes me look good :rolleyes:


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I'd say whatever you say it must be honest. Being off work with depression is entirely legitimate - it's not always pleasant to talk about it but i found that being upfront in interviews and with agencies is the best thing (was off sick with depression from last job for 5 months, before leaving and finding other work).

Good luck - if you can get a letter from your doctor then so much the better, so do please try I'm not sure what they can od in retrospect but even a letter saying you had medication from x til x would be something.

And if you can think of *anything* constructive from your 'period of self reflection' (!) then mention it... managing your own budget, cooking, reading (seriously - they are all indicators of willingness to learn and can include transferable skills!)

maybe go to the mind website, as that's about mental health and there may be resources which can help you explain depression to employers as there is a general lack of understanding about quite how debilitating a thing it can be to experience.

good luck and if you need a hand writing anything then PM me, i'll help if i can :)


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Hi Kels,

My Sister was asked much the same thing when she took a year and a half out from work force.

She told them she was caring for my Grandma, not necessarily the honest to God truth but it worked.

She also was going through a bit of a down period in her life, and my Grandma did need lots of help while recovering from an illness.

It's probably true to say that some employers would frown upon someone who has a history of illness. Disgusting behaviour on their part.

Glad to hear you've recovered and best of luck with whatever you decide to do.

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