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0/T What a poo day!!!

Sorry got to rant a bit..
A few days ago some "person" hacked into my computer and stole my husband's ebay ID , I noticed something funny with my bank and now £20 is missing from my account, I never have that much so its a lot for me, the bank is on to it my online banking has been blocked (Grrr) and luckily Hubby's ebay account has been sorted, its just all unwanted stress, that frankly I could do without. n top of this my nearly 20 year old daughter is moving to Donegal, republic of Ireland next month to live with her boyfriend and although she's left home before its such a long way and I will miss her heaps.
Anyway, thats off my chest, thanks for listening.
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gunna be a fatty for ever
ooh sky i am sorry to hear that! There are some cheeky bleeeeps about arent they! Its not nice to have your hard earned cash stolen what ever the amount! I had £127.00 taken from my bank earlier this year and i was gutted! It all got sorted but i felt terrible for a while!

I certainly am dreading my daughters growing up and leaving home! You'll have to think of it this way! You can go see here loads of times and get lots of holidays! Also thnk of how little washing/ironing you'll have to do! :) heheh only kidding! sending you lots of hugz

love katie
Skye...you dont look old enough to have a 20 year old daughter!

Hope you are having a better day today xx


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Not good aout your poo day...
i hope you are feeling much better today :)


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Thanks but I assure you I have, in fact a 20 year old, a 17 year old and a nearly 16 year old, all girls!!! I'm certainly feeling all of my nearly 42 years at the moment. The council is coming to put in a new kitchen tomorrow, lovely I hear you say, but I was only told today, so I have spent the day clearing out my units and cleaning (stupid know but I don't want them thinking I'm a filthy what not..lol.


gunna be a fatty for ever
:giggle:what u like mad woman! bet they werent even dirty!

lol aw bless bet ur shattered now, i hate having to do everythin last minute like that, i like to know wat im doing well in advanced lol

im well particular (my posh word for fussy cow) lol
Well old kitchen's out and the new sink units in, wer'e all in thew living room eating marmite sandwiches!! No water yet, can't flush the loo, managed to brew a few cups of tea with some saved water. Roll on tomorrow!!!

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