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1/2 a pound....

I am going to harp on about my lack of weight loss this week - so sorry in advance. I went to get weighed yesterday and had a really bad week last week - hungry all the time and feeling down and felt that I really have to eat something, it's been 4 months now on SS and I am starting to flag. But I did not have anything bad (just chicken, corn and mushrooms every day!) but lost half a pound - which has been my lowest so far. People (lots of people) are starting to say I don't need to loose anymore but untill it hits to 25 I am going to keep going ... does anyone else get this reaction - why do people say it when your not at goal?
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a loss is still a loss.

i have been told 'you wont look right thin' 'why do you want to lose weight you're fine' bugs me no end.
I think people are so used to seeing us the way we were it's hard for them to take in the new us, especially as the weight loss is so quick.

I'm getting the same comments too, I tell them I'm now eating again, which I am, what I don't tell them is that I'm still going through the plans, and still wanting to shift another stone.

Just try to bear the comments, you know what you want and stick with it. I honestly think most people say these things out of concern, but we know what we are doing is safe and healthy.

Sorry your loss was poor this week, but it was still a loss. Possibly next week you'll have a better result.

Take care

As Msdee said, a loss is still a loss, but as a human being of course you're dissapointed! Still you've done so well, and you know it works, so you have very reason to believe that next week you'll be over the hurdle and back to losing an amount you're happy with again. Keep going, don't let it get you down xx


S: 13st9lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.5 Loss: 2st4lb(16.75%)
Alright there Bunny!!!

First off.....for the half pound........might have been the corn to be honest...I had one lady who thought that it would just be fine to have sweetcorn on 790....er....no, not losing very much. Made her stop and only stick to the proper green/white stuff and hey presto!! good losses again! daft. Must have something in them that mucks things up.

I managed to gain a pound last week for most of the week.....resulting in total loss of 1lb (being on sole source for the week) - it was really odd cause I've never retained water before in my entire life.

I get on the scales this morning, 3lbs down. How confusing. No sense at all.....a week of losing 2lbs, gaining 1 for no reason and then 3lbs lost just over a week later!!

So...the moral of the story is to stick at it and not eat random stuff that isn't on the list!

I'm always a bit confused about people that say we're getting too skinny etc. I've never had it from anyone yet. Maybe they are all too scared! lol.

I kinda think it's a bit of cheek....since when did I give anyone permission to comment about my weight? I would have be horrified if they had said "you're getting quite fat now, you should really sort yourself out " when I was bigger. Why is it different now?

I only trust photos as when I look in the mirror now...I can see the bits I don't like. My self image is totally warped.

When I was bigger, I could get ready to go out and think yep...I look good, I'm hot. Looking quite slim!! But now, all I can do is find fault......I'm one of those annoying slim women who always moans she is fat!!! I want to smack myself sometimes.:rolleyes:

So my advice is....take a picture and decide for youself. It's your body and everyone else can just feck off!!!

I'm a right grumpy moo today - can you tell? :D


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