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1/2 a stone down in 5 days :D

ok so basically, im a bit annoyed because i have called my diary struggling which isnt very motivational. Also, on friday i was 100%, and when i woke up on Saturday morning, my friend text me and asked if i wanted to be in a video shoot! so i thought why not and headed on up to london after having a chocolate shake for breakfast. I got there at 1pm, then it got to 5pm and i thought, oh dear, i forgot my shake. I was drinking water and then everyone ordered in a pizza! I was like NO WAYYY. So i sat outside with my bottle of water and waited until all the pizza was gone, because i knew once it was gone, i wouldnt be able to have any :) at about 9pm i went into my car and found a shake that had fallen out of my bag :D i dropped alot of it but thats what happens when you try and pour powder into a bottle...deary me.
The shoot moved to a different part of London and i was there until 2am, drinking as much water as possible but nowhere near enough as i was supposed to, prob about 2 litres? So yeah...i woke up this morning, had a sneak peak at the scales and ive lost half a stone!!!! SO SO SO SO happy today, thankyou for writing Shanny, im sunbathing with my water at the moment :D how are you getting on?
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yesss definately! has made me want to do it even more now i know you just have to get past the first few days :D youve reached your goal, that is so good, cant wait to be like you! xx
well dun hun that is brill!! :D...ima restrtin it again 2dai as lst week which was ma 3rd week was a complete disaster so ima strt again 2dai n hpefuly this will b mre of a success then lst week n this tym round ima stik to it even in the third week....
Helloooo everyone :D i noticed alot of views but not soo many replies, oh well at least some people are reading still!

Todayyy was soo hot, in a good way though because I really wasnt in the mood for eating or craving, just wanted to get lots of cold water down me! Have been 100% still not struggling as much anymore, i think this weather is helping!
I made a slight mistake though, on Saturday I only had two shakes and on Sunday i only had two shakes...is this going to make things bad for me?!?

Weigh in tomorrow....oooohhhh :) glad to say ive been good though so if its bad i dont have to punish myself!

The chilli soup is the most vile thing ive ever tasted. Makes me gag thinking about it.

How is everyone doing today?!? xxx
thnx hun mke sure u let us kno hw weigh in day goes 2mo

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