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Extra Easy 1/3 superfree with curry?? HELP!!


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You could fry up some onions, mushrooms and peppers and mix them into the rice or serve them on the side. Green beans go quite well too!

i know you say you dont like salad but i do an onion salad very finely sliced onion, finely diced tomato, cucumber and peppers with some coriander bit like a salsa i eat tons of it especially with currys mmmm
Hasn't the curry got any veg in? The 1/3 doesn't have to be a separate thing on the plate. If the curry is made with, say, onion, and has tomato in the sauce, you might be well on the way to 1/3 already.

When I do a curry, whether it's a meat one or not, it's always tomato based, and has lots of onion, peppers, sometimes spinach, and anything else that I can find that feels suitable. So I've already got 1/3 superfree even without anything but curry and rice on the plate.

Can you bulk yours out with veg, at all?
When i make curry there is always onion and tomato in the sauce and often spinach and I like to make a cucumber and mint salad to go alongside (bash mint, coriander and some green chilli in pestle and mortor with a little bit of salt, add some fat free yoghurt and mix in some chopped cucumber - very yummy). If i am still a little concerned I haven't got enough veg I sometimes make a fragrant carrot dish which consists of grated carrot lightly cooked with minced ginger, cumin and mustard seeds and some fresh chopped coriander.
The last option which always feels a little bit naughtier but really isn't is baked onion baghees. There is a good recipe in the slimming world curry book but basically it is sliced onions, spices and coriander mixed with a very very small amount of gram flour, frylighted and baked in the oven.
Hope some of those options appeal. They always seem so much more interesting than the salad/ brocoli/ sprouts that I tend to have as the 1/3 superfree of other meals.
Thanks for your ideas, like the sound of the onion and tomato salad/salsa thing - will go out at lunch to get some coriander to add an asian twist!

The curry has got peppers, onion and tomatoes in but I always thought that the 1/3 superfree had to be seperate on the plate... if I'm wrong though I'll be absolutely fine as there's not masses of chicken in it anyway and the OH has more of a need for meat than I ever will!

Thanks for ideas. xx
No, it doesn't have to be separate. It just has to be 1/3 of the construction of the entire meal.

Often people find it easier to keep it separate, because if you fill 1/3 of the plate with veg FIRST, then it helps with portion control.

But if you know that whatever you've made has got at least 1/3 superfree in it, then you don't have to add more veg.
Obviously it's fine if you do!
i sometimes add brocolli and cauli into my curry, if you have frozen ones you can add them in about 10 mins before ready to serve x
Whe I make curry (either from scratch or from a jar) I always try to bulk it up to make enough to be able to freeze a portion or two. I always boil up a pan of water with potatoes, carrot, turnip, parsnip - any veggies really, cook them for 10 minutes or so, drain (but not completely!), blitz up and add to the sauce. Bulks the meal out, makes it filling and tastes fab.
You can still add your onion, peppers, leek, sweetcorn etc in 'pieces', so you can bite them.
Works well with bolognese too to use carrot, lentils etc. A great way to disguise veg if you've got fussy kids too!
Or, have a lovely refreshing fruit salad for pudding.

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