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1 day down, 98 to go!


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Good for you Tegzy. I think we've all come across someone who has frowned on our weightloss method, but most are now eating their words when they see how well we've done. Keep focusing on how good you're going to look in that bikini on your holidays. You know you can do this :)
Well done :happy096:...you must have the most challenging job in the whole, wide world.....keep on doing LT 100% and believe it or not, there will soon come a time when you are not ever the teeniest bit tempted to chow down on anything.....:worthy:


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as long as i can get over this weekend ill be fine and know i can do it, i just keep telling myself its illegal to eat anything haha, a bit extreme but hey, if it works ill do it 1million times! slightly worried about workin till 3am and the temptations by the end of the night but im sure ill be fine

also a bit worried about people realising im not eating anything and only having a shake, cant do anything in secret at my work. arghh
I started a new job two weeks ago and have breakfast and lunch at work - two shakes. Everyone has been really positive and amazed at the amount of sacrifice involved. I also tell them I've lost nearly 2 stone in weight too. That sounds good to me too! :thankyouthankyou: I haven't seen many of my old work colleagues yet, but I am planning a pub visit soon and I hope I will get some good feedback there. Make it positive and savour your LT; it makes a real difference to how you feel :D


Life is not a Rehersal!
Well done on getting through Day 1....
You sound determined, and will prove them all wrong! You will receive more negative than positive comments, unfortunately..but each day will be like a mini goal for you, especially working in a chip shop..dont think I would be able to do it...so, well done you.


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thanks for all your support, :)

day 2 finally over, and aslo another grouling 8 hours shift in a chip shop, didnt even think twice about eating a chip! woooop :) go me!

Wobbley Woo

Life Is A Constant Diet.
Well done :)


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i felt starvin this morning but im alright now! working another 8 hours in chip shop tonight! AGHHHH

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