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1 Stone to go and running out of steam? Post here for support!!!

I have 1 more stone to go then I'm at goal.

But the thing is I am finding my will power is slowly fading.

This weekend I have eaten chicken and salad non stop and yesterday I had tuna and lettuce for lunch then I had chicken and salad for tea....... The problem is I am longing to eat normally again, not chips or chineses or pizza. Just normal healthly foods. The fact that I am just finding the CD shakes unbareable at the moment is another reason why I seem to be eating rather than having the shakes. BUT I ONLY HAVE 1 STONE TO GO!! so why can't I just ride it out. This stone is going to be a killer.

I plan on having my shakes today and only my shakes. no SS+ meals I just need to get this 1 stone off then I can look forward to eating healthily again while I go up the plans.

Oh and PS. I will be going home (to Wales) in 2 weeks. well a week Friday and I want to have lost 7lb by then... GRRRRRR!!!!

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can see the end in sight!
I'm in exactly the same position. 8 lbs to go, and I have messed around the last couple of weeks and stayed the same. I'm back on ss today, to get the last bit off. It is so so much harder and I don't really like ss+ or 810, just want this weight off quicker.

Stick with it hun. Not very useful advice, wish I could follow it myself!
I know where you are coming from. I got to this point, ended up a chicken salad here, nibble there, until(well you can see from my ticker) I have more than a stone to go!
Personally, I will ss 100%(back on track for last 3 days, no nibbles/tasters etc) until bmi25 and then work up the plans religiously. I think, for me, it is going to be the only way to get to target and stay there :)
Well done to you for getting your head back in the right place too :)
It is useful!

It's useful to know that someone else is in the same boat too. It is driving me crazy though. especially as I know I can do it because I have done it.

Heres to a 100% shake day today!!
Amanda thats my plan too I'm just trying to tell my mouth to accept nothing appart from those lovley shakes!! lol I got my WI on Thursday and although I haven't gained anything, I haven't lost alot either :(
That's my thinking. If I managed ss 100% in the beginning I can get back there. Food is not an option! lol
I'm sure with a few days of ss 100% those scales will have shifted downwards by your weigh in :)
I know mine have dropped 2 lbs since Saturday(I'm a daily weigher!) so if they carry on I could have the good loss this week that I need to give me a motivational boost. I'm sure you will too. We can do it! :D


Gone fishing
This is very, very common. It just seems to suddenly get harder to stay motivated when you get close to the end
I know I can do it because I have done it.
that's half the problem. You've probably moved away from what you didn't like about yourself. It's now becoming more an aim for a number and that's not strong enough to keep people going.

There needs to be something really strong that you want about getting that last bit off. Something that you haven't got now.

Find that, and it'll be a whole lot easier;)
I don't know what that 'something' is.

I still don't think I look good. I have a muffin top and when I sit down I still have a roll of fat. I'd like to be a size 10 ideally but that look like id have to lose 2 stone for that and I'm not sure I have the oomph. Maybe it's just a bad day. I don't know.


can see the end in sight!
I have some clothes that dont quite fot comfortably, that's my inspiration to keep going. i am just so pissy at myself though, 2 weeks and lost nothing and it's all my fault as i was messing around. i feel seriously bloated and my totm is due so that's not making it any easier.

sometimes i think - what's the point in worrying about that final half stone, it wont make much of a difference! - but my fear is that i will be one of those people who never quite reach their goal and then spend a lifetime going up, then down then up again etc.

its a very mental thing, as soon as i see 12 stone 6 on the scales and am a healthy weight, i will really feel like i have achieved something.

thats just my experience anyway...its such a hard one.


Skinny girl in a fat body
I'm the same. I have actually moved my goal to 9st 13lb (originally 10st 7lb) so at one point I only had 8lb to go until goal. I went on holiday, came back - and lost all motivation. I am slowly starting my old habits. I have eaten for England this weekend so day 1 AGAIN for me. I am having a little competition with myself to see how much I can lose until next WI (5th Aug). I wish I had the same feelings towards this diet that I did 3 months ago. I was full of it, raring to go every day and loving losing weight. Now it seems such a chore and sooooo difficult. I hope we can all get our act together again and be successful til goal. Good luck


can see the end in sight!
maybe we can start a group - 1 stone or less to go till goal, supporting each other for the final few lbs or something like that?


Skinny girl in a fat body
Sorry, my next weigh in is 12th August not 5th. Can't have much of a competition with myself in 2 days can I? :)

Didn't realise it was 3rd August already - doesnt time fly when you're having fun!!!!!!!
Me too - back on 100% SS today after weeks of cheating and off-plan!!!! So hard but gave myself a talking to and realised the more I stick to SS the quicker it will come off and I can then start eating because I'm allowed to. I still have a stone to get to first goal and maybe a further stone (will see how I feel). So come on...... we CAN do this! x
Did anyone make the support thread for us flagging 1 stoners after?

Sorry about yesterday I had to dash and got back at 00.45 this morning. :-|
I wish I had the same feelings towards this diet that I did 3 months ago. I was full of it, raring to go every day and loving losing weight. Now it seems such a chore and sooooo difficult. I hope we can all get our act together again and be successful til goal. Good luck

Mia, I could have wrote those exact words. I have been on and off, on and off for a couple of months now and my head has been all over the place. Went to a new CD last Thursday and got all the shakes for SS this week. Ok on Friday then crap all over the weekend, yesterday and today and am feeling so despondent. Feels like I just wont ever get back in the CD groove and therefore will not get the last stone off. What is the answer? I really dont know what to do now :mad:
Can someone tell me too please, even though I had a good day yesterday I fear a bad one might bite me today, it's hammering down here which means I will stay in all god damn day even though I have plenty to be getting on with. GRRRR.

Where do I get the CD grove from? Ebay? lol xxxx


can see the end in sight!
i didn't make a thread but would love one! maybe we can just change the name of this thread??

i am back on ss 100 % today, hoping the scales drop drastically as i feel so bloated and am so desperate to get into the 12's.

good luck to everyone, we can do it!!


can see the end in sight!
yay! here's our support thread!

i have had 1 bar and 1 shake today. going home tonight for more water and my porridge and tetra. back to daily weighing as it keeps me motivated when the scales are moving down.

on another note, i saw brett lee and michael clarke (aussie cricketers) today! i got a nod and a smile and told them good luck for the test on friday! go aussies!

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