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1 Year on!!

Well its been a year since i left Slimming World and i am back where i started (+ 1 DD) Thats the family complete now and its time to get in shape for both myself and my wonderful children.

I don't want to fail this time... i simply cant!!!

Roll on my first weigh in!!
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Thanks, i think i am gonna need alot of luck and a heap load of determination!!! Bit hindered by the fact i had a ceserean so exercise is out of the question for the moment!

Fingers crossed for my first weigh in! xx
Had my first weigh in on Tuesday and have lost 4lb. I am really happy with 4lb as i had been following the diet the week before i joined class so really it was my 2nd week.

I have set myself a 2lb target for this week and will be really happy if i achieve this. Seeing the weight losses from all the post above has really inspired me. I am really trying to see my weight loss as a long term journey. I have a terrible habit of wanting to be slim yesterday but i am slowing managing to change my mind set.

I've also started making some recipes to try and keep things exciting. This week i have made my own humous and coleslaw. Maybe try something a bit more adventurous this week.

Looked out the wii controllers and have started doing some low impace exercise on the wii so hopefully starting to get a bit more active will help me.

If anyone has any really nice red day dinner recipes please let me know as i always end up eating grilled meat of ssome sort and vegetables (which can get a bit boring)



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Well done:happy096:
Week 2 weigh in and i've lost 3lb. Realy pleased with that result as i have been really sticking to the plan, so i am glad my weight loss has reflected that.

Been trying some new recipes, stuffed mushrooms from the SW mag, humous, speedy bangers and bean recipe, pork meatball recipe. They have all been delicious and planning on trying a few more this week.

Expecting the weight loss to drop a bit this week so going to try really hard to up the exercise (easier said than done when you have no time)

Already feeling the benefits. I have lots more energy and i am generally feeling alot better. Other half also said my face looks slimmer so hopefully will start noticing the result elsewhere soon.

:D:D:D Another 4lb this week, so pleased all the hard work is paying off and the results are showing on the scales.

So nice to see the next stone down appear on the scales aswell. Feeling really positive.

Also got slimmer of the week this week and a fantastic basket of goodies. That will save a bit on the shopping this week!!!

Fingers crossed for another good week and keeping temptation at bay!!!

Weigh in this morning and i have lost another 3.5 lb which brings my total weight loss to 1 stone 5 1/2lbs in 6 weeks. I am over the moon.

I am feeling the benefits of the healthy eating as i have far more energy and starting to see the results in other places. My partner asked whether my chest had got bigger to which i replied that no my waist had gotten smaller!!

12 weeks since my csection so joined the gym last night and will hopefully start to tone up aswell as lose weight.

Feeling postive that i can achieve my target weight hopefully next year sometime! Which would be really wonderful but it doesn't matter how long it takes. I am winning and thats what matters. xx
great going you thats just brilliant :clap: :clap:
continue on your journey and be so very proud of yourself getting your head round this again after a caesar and new baby xxx
Yipeeeeee! Another 3.5lb loss this week and my Club 10 award this week aswell. I almost done a dance on the scales!!

had a really good week and been working really hard at the gym! I'm gonna be so disappointed when my weight loss slows down but i will just need to get my head round it and keep at it!

All the hard work is paying off!! Hoping for a 2lb loss next week and that will be my 2 stone award!!

Congratulations on your losses, hit a note with me personally as I'm going back to SW tomorrow after nearly 8 years! Lost 2st originally, have now gained 3st back! Inspiring to know it can be done, good luck with this week.
My God, you've going great guns. WELL DONE. Your losses are fantastic!!! Even if your losses do slow down (but it doesn't look like it is at the moment) you've had such a good start which is such a boost. Seeing the results already must be such good motivation to keep going.

I'm going to start running tonight and hopefully that will keep my losses going as I'm not very good at STS or losing 1/2lb.

Once again, well done x
Thanks all!! I really hope the motivation stays as i really do want to get down this time. I don't get on this site as much as i'd like to but its nice to know at the back of my mind there is support on here when i need it. Jo i hope you got on well at class, its hard starting over again and walking back into class.

Hope the run went well marge, its something i've never been able to do.

Paul Wow what a fantastic weight loss so far!

Fingers crossed for next weigh in. xx
Class was cancelled last night due to the snow, wish i had checked before walking down. Was thinking since it was on last week in the snow it would be last night!

Didn't update last week but i lost 1.5lbs, was hard not to be a little disappointed but a loss is a loss at the end of the day!

Running low on veg and can't get out because of the snow!! Will need to pop out late tonight when other half gets home!

-6 lbs at weigh in this week but that was over a fortnight as the class was cancelled due to the snow.

only havd 1.5lbs to go till my 2 and a half stone award. I'm not aiming for that this week as i have two nights out (with dinner) this weekend. I have been so strict with myself that i want to enjoy my nights out and get back on track after my christmas dinner.

a small victory this week i ordered two dresses in different sizes and had to return the larger!! which was a lovely feeling. Also got back into a pair of old jeans which was magic!!!

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