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10 Stone to Lose

Hiya, I am in same boat, some how crept up to 27st!

Looking for help and advice too. What diet are you following?

Sammy x
Hi all,
I'm 20 stone and absolutely need to lose at least 8 stone - with so much to lose, it's hard to understand how people with just a stone or two to lose feel every bit as overweight as I do!!
Gotta get things in perspective though and really do need to push through this time, get it off and keep it off. I'm totally frustrated with myself though, lost 7 stone in 2007 but put every bit back on.... so challenge is to lose it (which I have done before) and then keep it off (which I failed at) AGHHHHHHHHHHH

Need some super support with this challenge - this forum is a fab idea so let's commit and do it together.
I'm starting Lipotrim tomorrow morning, will weigh myself in the morning and set up a ticker, goals etc etc, perhaps we can commit to daily updates of support - what do you think?
Best of luck to us all!
That sounds good to me Ariel.

I weighed on Saturday, was so naughty today and starting WeightWatchers tomorrow. good Luck with yours! What is the Lipotrim diet?

I am sure you will do great you have done it before you can do it again. I have never succesfully dieted before so really trying to make a change this year.
I have 10st 10lbs to lose,seems like such a huge ammount to lose....coz it is! But I KNOW Im going to lose it all this time. Had a bit of a blip over xmas and gained 6lbs :( But Im back on track now,yay!

Good luck to you and everyone else hoping to lose large ammounts of weight.
Claire x
Hi All!

Well done on your success so far soccer mum.

I am 27st1lb :cry::eek: and looking to lose about 13st8lb leaving me at 13 and a half stone....I am 6"4 so think that is fairly realistic.

We can do this, 2010 is going to be our year.....I think I have failed before cos I never have had the support, judging by this sight I am going to get it this time!

Good luck tomorrow everyone!

Good luck TJ x
my friend said that to me....." do u know its like you are carrying me round everyday!"

Thanks for that very productive mate lol! We'll see who's laughing when its me the men r turning around to take a 2nd look at hehe!! Although must add happily married just wanted to feel attractive lol! x
I've got 6 stone to lose :cry:But this is the year I am actually going to do it and keep it off. Have tried SW and WW in the past and it crept back on again. Had a go a CD, but I felt so ill on it so am now going to go for SW again.
GL with SW Meltdown x
good luck every one . i have lost 80lbs and have the same again to lose. the tips i can give you are...
focus on the next 7 lbs not the whole amount.
reward yourself (not with food)
forgive yourself noone is 100% angel like 100% of the time one bad thing/meal/day whatever will not be the end of the world but if you feel guilty it can wipe out days.
do it for you.
we can all do this good luck
Oh guys, the feedback from you guys is fantastic, so much support, so much positive enthusiasm and so much success so far...... I am definitely in the right frame of mind to do it this time - this is definitely our year 2010 to be a fit healthy body and loving ourselves for it!
Hurray to us all - will keep checking in with success and looking forward to tracking your success also - best of luck and remember - one day at a time - and nothing tastes as good as slim WILL feel!
Hi all, I hope all us heavy hitters are still on track and losing lbs and lbs and lbs. As you know, I'm on Lipotrim, the complete feed replacement diet(shakes,soups, coffee, tea) - been on since last Monday week - 12 days and I'm down 18lbs so far - it feels great. That said, at our sizes, (certainly my size) I don't really see any difference in me with just 18lbs down, but I do feel that my face has slimmed down - can almost see cheekbones again - Hurray!!
I'll keep posting with progress - hope you're all doing well, happy and losing weight......
Best of luck to us all again!
Hi all I've 13+ stone to lose. I began diet chef programme last Sunday, no weigh in yet and was feeling a bit like it is such a long way .... but this morning when I got in my car the seat belt felt just a bit looser. It's only a small thing but boy did it bring a smile to my face!

Best of luck everyone.

Keep in touch
Jane x
Well done Super Stan, when is your weigh in? x
Hiya, sorry not been on for a few days, darn work will have to start and do an extra line on the lottery!
I'm trying to avoid scales for a month, hoping this will keep me on the straight and narrow and also get me used to the Diet Chef programme (I have been a bit of a cheater on other diets I have done. One of my best was weight watchers where I stuck to my "points" one weekend by eating no point soup and 40 odd points worth of quavers! Shockingly no weightloss that week although did make my lips tingle bit. Is it just me that seems to sabotage myself in weird ways? Hence this time really trying to make it work and get healthy eating ingrained.

See your tickers showing down 12, flipping heck that is grand work in such a short time, you're obviously not living on quavers!

Best of luck for next weigh in, catch you later
Cheers SS. Like ur plan, hoping for you x
Nice one, well done TJ :)

I started at 21st 2lbs. Lost 3 1/2 stone, then put a bit back on... Around 18 and a half now, dithering a bit, but still going...!!!
I'm hoping to be 11 stone by the end of 2010. No. Scratch that. I WILL BE 11 stone by the end of the year.

SUPERFOCUSSED! COME ON!!! I <3 this site, so much information, support, and friendliness :D


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