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100% Again until 22nd Oct

So after my Party fest I am able to do 100% for two weeks then re-feed as wedding on 24th Oct. I couldn't post in here last week due to not being 100% but my aim for this morn was 134lbs and got 135lbs. Delighted as that's 7.5lbs water loss from last Monday. Proper 100% kiced in and now on day 2 again.....

My aim for next Monday is quite High but my TOTM is due tomorrow so I hope to lose 3.5lbs and hit 131.5lbs, then by that Sat as I have to re-feed then I hope to lose a further 2.5lbs.

We are starting a weigh in club in work which I think will help as everyone is being good together with the money going to the kitty for the Christmas do!

Anyway feeling positive and hope everyone is feeling good today!
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Thanks missus need to wipe those taste buds clean!! day 3 now and feel good hoping TOTM holds of to tomorrow as this evening will be hard enough....


No longer "Overweight" !
Hello again, Mrs JK!
I'm just starting back on 100% too - had my first shake last night, so only really counts as my first day, today...

Slightly scary, but I reckon I'll get through it!

Good luck to us both... :)
Marianne x
Aw pet it's the thought that's scariest I'm nearly over my 3 day thing thank goodness and I know for me the big this is getting my head right for re-feed and cleansing those tastebuds which were ruined!1

Good luck Shiny and we'll be celebrating you changing your status again!!
TOTM Hit and still feeling ok but last night killed me. My wee nephews 4th birthday and I propably had a few mouthfuls (3 children pinning me down force feeding me cause it was funny). While not on plan I wasn't gonna upset the kids because Auntie Joan wouldn't take the icing. Excuses I know but they are soo sweet and their daddy is away for a week and I haven't spend enough time with them the last 3 weeks!

However don't feel bad for it and think I might have caved anyway with TOTM worse later in the evening. WI is tomorrow so as long as I'm still 134.5lbs I don'tv really mind as I lose more at the weekend with being able to be more active.

I'm getting excited though as on Sat night I get to try on my bridesmaid dress for the first time and it's gorge. I have a pick on my desktop that I keep looking at so can't wait and my fitting is now the 24th!!


On a mission!
Ooooh didn't know u were getting ready to be a bridesmaid toooo! When's the Big Day??

x S


No longer "Overweight" !
Ooh, yes - a bridesmaid goal is very exciting - please tell! :)
I'm bridesmaid for one of my best friends who is getting married on the 19th November, hers was the hen party we just had here at home before the ball. My other best friend is getting married on the 29th Oct and her hen was the week in Marbella.

The bride I am on the wedding for was a bridezilla about her hen party and on the night of it but otherwise has been great and fairly chilled about things though lack of communiaction is worrying me hence arranging to go see her on Sat as I have no idea of when trials are or if there is a rehersal (if it is the week before not good as one of my my fav cousins is getting married then).

Dress is lovely reminds me of my wedding dress only minus a train and slightly different colour but we picked it online so I haven't seen it on yet- the big thing was would the colour suit her sister as though she is stunning she can't carry a lot of colours where I usually can unless it's neon!

These two weddings were the original reason for getting back on TFR prior to the pregnacy remark as I wanted to look nice in the photo's and wanted to wear a gorge blue dress I have never worn for the other.


No longer "Overweight" !
Crikey - so many weddings! No wonder you've found such determination... well done you! :girlpower:

Hope all goes well and you feel gorgeous...
Hmm up 1lb today from Monday can't understand. Feel as if I have lost. Gonna check it out at lunch in Boots- it's really frustrated me as I could be eating and have the same results. Have to stick with it though but it's got me annoyed and I was feeling a bit crap anyway as it looks like SIL is pregnant again and I can't be bothered with her- it was bad enough last time and she was in London then and this will start up everyone asking us again when will we have babies- like it's any of their freeking business!!

Anywho as you can tell in a pissy mood today so probably will hide out..


No longer "Overweight" !
Aw, sorry to hear it, Mrs JK. You must be on your 4th or 5th day? Maybe that and totm are contributing to the mood.

I'm sure you know it, but there's plenty of reasons for a 1lb blip - could be something and nothing. And though you might get similar short-term results whist eating, I reckon that the tfr will win out over the next 2 or 3 weeks.

I've only another stone or so to go, but the certainty of having that done well before xmas is keeping me on the 100%, even though I'm not showing any loss after my first 3 days...

Try and think of some little comforting/pampering things you could have today - new flavour of tea? A hunt through old clothes you've not tried on yet? A new pair of knickers a size smaller than usual (which you'll be into by the wedding!)? Gather up some old photos as "before" evidence - recreate the poses so you can see what a massive difference there is...? Look at brochures of things you could do/places you could go unhampered by kids, that your SIL will never be able to do again?

Dunno. Hope you find something to help cheer you up.

Take care,


Determind dieter :D
I have a rather evil way of keeping parentals and others from asking about when were having kids....told em we can't have em ...we could if we wanted but it stops ALL the questions ;) a few white lies now and again never hurts!

Your doing so well honey and its my TOTM and I'm sooo crabby atm its horrible, also I always crave things when I'm on and being 100% sucks at this time but I'm finding that the results are keeping me from straying :)

Good luck honey x x x


No longer "Overweight" !
I'm all for having a rant now and then - get it out of you! :rant2:

Awww, I'd never noticed that smilie before - think it's my new favourite... :D

Take care hun, and we'll carry on taking over the world tomorrow.
*hugs* Mx
Feeling a bit better this evening but roll on 5pm so I can hide undera duvet with boxset (after my workout hopefully).

I think the 22nd won't be a coming off date I may well have to stay on until the 28th have the wedding party, do two more days 100% then re-feed. Oh well.. such is life...

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