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100 cal snacks


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Thanks DQ!!! This is such a useful thread!


S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
My mum had some Go Ahead Orange & sultana slices and gave some to me to bring home. Just tried them now and they are GORGEOUS! Only 56 cals a slice, only prob is they are packaged in threes so you need the will power to put the other two back lol!


S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Love quavers, yes I'm sure the packs of crisps like that have got smaller! I'll have them, or french fries, or skips etc, but I think that's why they are low cal because they now put less in, lol! Yummy all the same tho!


S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Those big eat size are ridiculous! Ok if you're sharing them, but yes if you have a packet to yourself there is no way you can only eat half, I just eat the lot lol!

miss jelly tot

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Weight watchers dessert recipe yogurts.
Strawberry Tart 56 cals
Raspberry Tart 56 cals
Lemon Cheesecake 58 cals and
Toffee Apple 62 cals


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Yes Miss Jelly Tot and I can also recommend the WW Citrus yogurts:

WW Pink Grapefruit 49 kcal
WW Orange & Nectarine 49 kcal
WW Lemon & Lime Yogurt 49 kcal
WW Lemon Yogurt 49 kcal

They're very tasty :) !


I'm sure I have hip bones
And another two which I discovered in the supermarket last night:

WW Toffee Yogurt 48 kcal
WW Vanilla Yogurt 50 kcal


I'm sure I have hip bones
Yes Shanny, the lemon one is fantastic. I am not too keen on the grapefruit to be honest with you, I find it a bit too grapefruity *lol*.


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This seems to be quite old now, but quite relevant, copied this from another thread on here, cant remember where, but thanks to the OP

Veggies (obvs)
Sugar-free jelly= 10 cals per serving!
Weight watchers yoghurts= 50 cals
Fish Sticks= 17 cals
Ham slices= 20 cals
Walls light ice cream (2 scoops)= 60 cals
Mini meringues= 20 cals
Pink 'n' Whites= 50 cals
Flying Saucers (whole pack!)= 70 cals
Alpen light ceral bars= 60 cals
Crackerbreads= 20 cals
Laughing cow light flavoured cheese= 25 cals
Egg whites= 15 cals
Sugar Free Jam= 25 cals


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ok so sorted the list out a bit, feel free to copy and paste, correct or add :)

Food below 100 calories
(recipes may change, always refer to packaging)


Bread & Carbs

ww crackers = 74 cals (4)
Nimble bread = 51 cals each
Heinz Snap pot of spaghetti hoops 120 cals


Sugar-free jelly = 10 cals per serving

Weight watchers yoghurts = 50 cals
Walls light ice cream (2 scoops) = 60 cals
Mini meringues = 20 cals
Pink 'n' Whites = 50 cals
Flying Saucers (whole pack!) = 70 cals
Alpen light ceral bars = 60 cals
Sugar Free Jam = 25 cals

Fish & Meat

Prawns ??

Fish Sticks = 17 cals
Ham slices = 20 cals
Tuna (half tin) approx 70 cals


Crackerbreads = 20 cals
Laughing cow light flavoured cheese = 25 cals
extra light phili 30g = 33cals


Egg whites = 15 cals


Weightwatchers hot chocolate sachet (40 cals each)
Options hot chocolate various (38-44 cals)



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I am starting tomorrow so all these ideas are great. Looking forward to adding my own. Thanks guys


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Not sure if anyone already posted but slimfast chocolate caramel bars are only 95calories. Really nice esp straight from the fridge n defo help when you just need that wee something with your cuppa! Far better than an alpen bar etc.

I actually eat these when I'm not dieting cos they are yummy!!x


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Been calorie counting so it's coming in useful and shaking up my weight loss with IF.

I just discover the popcorn too foxglover and love it.

I buy the canned Blue Dragon Wonton Soup from Sainsbury's 110 calories for the whole tin.

Also from my low carb days the Joeseph's pitta bread, tortillias and wraps from lc megastore only have about 50-60 calories each so great for sandwiches and pizzas. The lavash wrap is massive and 100 calories for the whole thing and you can easily half it.


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I have the Avonmore lowfat soup, it's 104 cals, sorry I know this is for under 100 cals, but if you think about the soup that's left in the carton, and then whats left in the bowl and walking to and from the microwave it's probably only 99 cals :)


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Some tasty 100 cal snacks that give you a lot of bang for your buck:

-a slice of Nimble toast with a skim of light cream cheese and a couple of slices of smoked salmon, topped with chopped spring onions
-a mug of Highlights or Options hot choc with an Alpen light choc fudge cereal bar
-seven whole fresh apricots... so delicious!
-two large peaches and a handful of blueberries
-1 weetabix with 90ml of hot skimmed milk
-2 fish fingers with a squirt of ketchup
-2 dark ryvita topped with laughing cow extra light cheese and a couple of slices of quorn and chives
-1 entire pint of Hartley's sugarfree jelly with a whopping 260g of strawberries or raspberries!
-1 meringue nest, topped with a big dollop of fat free Greek yoghurt and a handful of berries
-1 rice cake with a boiled egg, or an egg fried in 1 cal spray!
-I slice toasted Nimble topped with half a mashed banana and some grated nutmeg
OMG Iris, i just saw your weight loss info.
That is incredible, i wish i was a dedicated as you must be!
You must be so happy and proud of how you have done.