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100% day

im with you on this one gemma im going to be 100% today going to drink all the water i should have had my first drink of the day strawberry 135 cals yummy will have my snack at 10am special k mini break 99 cals
shake for lunch 135 cals
morrisons good for you blueberry bar 72 cals
not sure whats for tea will add that later.
we must try and log in each day to say what we are eating.. and maybe how we are feeling.. what exercise are you doing gemma? i so hate exercise lol
think its 2 litres a day :( im on my second glass as i type.. im going to have to up my exercise because im stuck on 12st 10 have been for 2 weeks and it is really depressing me. if the weather stays nice today when i get home from work im going out on my bike. i love swimming but cannot afford it every day at 4.00 a time it adds up to quite a bit if i went every day/ i have the 30 day shred dvd will have a look at that and give it a try too need to do somthing as all this ultra slim im having has been a waste time if im still stuck in 4 weeks time at 12st 10..im eating all the things i should be doing have followed the plan to a tea.. dont know if its my menopausel age 48 or what that it seems to have slowed and stopped, any advice would be greatly appreceated thanks

I am going to see how i get on and up my water. Do you weigh all your fruit out for the correct portions as this is what i have started to do as of today.
i dont really have portions gemma i usally have either an apple or an orange or banana.. but if i do say have some strawberrys then i will weigh but since ive been on ultr slim only fruit ive eaten is apples or oranges as bananas bung me up so to speak:eek: but with your support i will and can do this

Can I join in? Am on day 3 of SF - been really good so far but am in that mentality of "I've been good for 2 days, surely I've lost a stone" and then not bothering any more.

Just off to top up my supply of SF.


Wants to do this!
i'd like to join you guys too. I'll start 100% tomorrow. This is just the support i need
I was going to be 100% today, but then I ate half of my daughter's scone with clotted cream.
Then I found out how many calories there are in clotted cream, and I'm going to be paying for that for about a month I think!

Tomorrow I've no excuse, so I'll be 100%.
i was 100% yesterday :) and will be the same today too. going to aqua aerobics tonight which im looking forward too. but have a long day ahead at work


Wants to do this!
Just started my first 100% day with a choco mocha shake. I make this by using one scoop of cafe/coffee and one scoop of chocolate powder. It's a really nice way to start the day. Yummy!
Well, I've managed 3 days of 100% and I've lost 2lbs according to my scales so that's pretty motivating. I know, I know that I shouldn't weigh more than once a week but I can't help peeking!

Feeling good about today, got lots of fruit and veg to snack on - have decided that I'm best off avoiding snacks like SF bars and crisps because I just want more of them - if I have them in the house I will just eat them all, strangely a whole load of carrots are much less tempting!!

Good luck everyone!
hi summer tescos ultra slim strawberry shake is 135 cals it says it is on the box but the slimfast ones are 230 so i just stick to the tesco ones cafe latte are even less
Be careful the nutritional information per serving is wrong on the Tesco's shakes.

For example per 34g serving it says calories from Carbs 13.6g and the sugars (which are all carbs) per 34g is higher at 27.3g

If you use a proportional of the per 100g the calories for the strawberry shake work out as follows.

367/100 * 34g = 125 plus 250ml milk 83 cals (skimmed at 33cals per 100ml) = 207 cals per shake

not the 135 cals as they say!

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