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  1. chickenpie

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    Is anyone here on 1000 plan? My cdc wants me to move up to that next week, and just leafing through my yellow book, it looks like loads of food! What is a typical days food for the 1000 ers?
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  3. Sunshine Singer

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    I've just moved to 1000 today and it's fab. It does seem like a lot of food but you only have 2 cd meals. have you got your yellow booklet to look at ? xxx
  4. kernowmum

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    I'm on 1000 for a while still being careful and weighing out stuff. There is much more variety and I love the fact you can have fruit!

    I have one of the breakfasts in the book, a bar or tetra for lunch to keep me out of the work canteen.
    Evenings fish, cottage cheese, or quorn with veg and recommended carbs (rice new pots or pasta). I have 50 cal worth of fruit after dinner and a shake in the evening.

    I seem to be managing this OK WI Thursday so hope I am still loosing.

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