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1000 plan..?

After my week away (on 1000 plus an extra shake) I've gone back to the 2 shakes I'm supposed to have.

I feel so terrible today, I've been feeling it for a few days now, I get shaky at about noon (low blood sugar kind of shaky) and basically when I'm due for a meal I get terribly fatigued.
I just got it about an hour ago and could barely get downstairs, thought I was going to fall :(

Has anyone else had this?
Does it go away? (I hope so, I can't afford £40/week forever!)
Is there any way I can help it?

I've also had the munchies, I'm starting to want to eat out of boredom again, something I thought I'd gotten rid of :(

I also feel really down today :(

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Only a few more pounds...
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Oh hun, sorry to hear you're not feeling 100% today. Have you had lots of water to drink? What have you eaten today altogether? Maybe you've caught something or maybe your body is just adjusting? I hope you feel better. Have you tried taking a nap or going to bed? Curling in in bed under the duvet....ahhhh bliss!!


Leahs Lightweights
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i hope u feel better tomorrow

i've started feeling really tired around 2.30 in the afternoon and really irritable, normally have snapped out of it by 3 tho!
I think it may be because the shakes have chromium in them (it regulates blood sugar) and obviously now I'm only having 2, my blood sugar is going a bit funny.
If it carries on or gets worse I'll go to see my doctor.

I don't think the 4 coffees helped either :eek:

I'll have a good day tomorrow, lots of water and no coffee, and see how things go :)




Nearly "Normal"
Hey Jennikay, I went up to 1000 last week too. it's awful isn't it.. Ucontrollable irrational munchies, a lot to eat but never knowing quite when to have it and it not being enough anyway, loads more grey areas.
I miss SS so much it actually upsets me a bit.
No advice, sorry, just thought I'd let you know you're not alone.

It's nice to know it's not just me :eek:
I've been a lil better today.

I think it's the carbs, I have random munchies and never seem to be allowed enough food! :(

It's weird because on 810 I thought the amount of food has massive, and now I'm eating more but it's not enough! :(

Hmph. We shall have to grin and bear it. :eek:

Correction: dark chocolates! :D

I find milk chocolate too sugary now!
(Not that I've, erm, had any :p)

Just had a lil bit of extra food to settle my stomach before I sleep, it was really hurting 10 mins ago but it's better now :)

On the plus side, my BMI is below 25 :D I weighed 10 stone exactly this morning, can't wait to see those scales in single figures!
Once they do, it starts showing fractions of lbs so I can tell the minute changes in weight (god I'm obsessed haha.)

Thanks everyone


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