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10st to loose


I will do this...
Hi everyone... just wanted to introduce myself. I'm GOING to loose weight this time - I have to. There's 3 main reasons - my health, I'm getting married next year and I have been refused fertility treatment until my BMI is at 35.

So thats, that. I'm doing it this time and there is no turning back.

So I'm breaking it down into steps.

I was 23st a few months ago, went on WW but broke my arm, perfect excuse to stop (not really, but it was for me!).

So I started last Monday - 21st 13lbs 3/4. I'm doing SlimFast and on Wednesday I went to the drs. I wanted Reductil but was given Orlistat instead.

So first WI was this morning - 21st 3lbs 1/2 - 10lbs and 1/4 WOOHOO!

I'm going to do this in small steps: -

1st 21
2nd 20
3rd 19
4th 18
5th 17
6th 16

To get my BMI to 35 I worked out that I need to be 16st 6lbs so that is my main focus for now. So I think at 2lbs a week thats do-able by January. So thats where I'm headed - to loose half of my extra person worth of weight by January.
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Hi JenJen

I can sympathise with the fertility thing as I am very concious that I need to lose weight for a healthy preg etc. I too have about 10st to lose but you are right in picking small steps.

This is a very good site and there is a lot of support. Keep posting with your progress.


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I totally agree with the small steps.

I had nearly 12 stones to lose and have already lost nearly 3. I have to take it in small steps otherwise I'd think I could never achieve it.

Good luck

Irene xx


I will do this...
Oh I agree with you all. Small steps means that I won't loose heart and when I achieve one of my goals it will spur me on to the next one because I will get a buzz!

Wii fit personal trainer yesterday - oooohh it was hard but thats good, it means I'm working and burning calories! I start back at the gym tomorrow too. Got a sports bra today to keep the ladies under control!lol xx


Queen of the Damned
Jenjen, what an amazing start :0clapper:


I will do this...
A buddy would be good! I was well chuffed - my Wii age was at 56 and in the last 3 days I've managed to get it down to 36! Woop woop!

How are you doing? x
Welcome jenjen...you sound like you are in the zone, and such a great loss already - well done! Im on xenical too with a lot to lose, but keep posting n here, you will find the support and encouragement infectious. Good luck x
aww well done thats really good! on the wii fit i think im 24 (wii fit age) and on the wii active god knows all i know is IT HURTS! which cant be bad in the long run! my weight on the other hand seems to be at a stand still... which is annoying because my next hospital appoitment is 14th next month and i have to lose 1 stone 1 by then and so far ive lost 11lb and im at a stand still! all im eating a day is 1 no added sugar jelly , 2 pint semi skimmed milk (with banana no added sugar crusha) & 2 pints sugar free squash! this is the pre op bypass diet. its hard and i am a little hungry but thought the weight would be coming off quicker. i seemed to have done better on slimming world where i ate loads! dont really know what 2 do!?! x


I will do this...
Wow... thats not a lot to eat! I salute you, I'm not sure that I could eat that little... I'm finding I want to eat my own arm at times because of what I'm not eating. Well done for sticking to it. Shame that you have found your weightloss a bit difficult - I'm not sure what to suggest as I've never experience that kind of diet... Maybe upping the dreaded Wii Personal Trainer... Oh boy, I totally agree with you.. it HURTS but yes, all for the greater good!

Thank you Laurie and Flabbybumbum - this forum really is addictive... whenever I feel like I'm struggling a bit I come on here and always feel better.

I was at a BBQ all day yesterday and I am CHUFFED to bits about how much willpower and self restraint I showed. I asked my m8 if she would grill a chicken breast (gave her warning before I went) and once it was cooked shoved it on the BBQ and then put it on a big salad (no oil!lol) and afterwards had a piece of BBQ pineapple.

And I completely avoided the chocolate cake, crips, nuts, sandwiches.

And only had water all day (I was driving, such a good excuse) coz if I had a drink I would have ate the whole buffet and BBQ.

I am well chuffed! :) xxx


I will do this...
2nd WI this morning...


Thats 14lbs in 2 weeks. Woop woop! :D


I will do this...
Haven't updated this for a wee while so thought I should add on my achievements - something to look pack on like pink has done!

3rd WI - lost 3lbs
4th WI - lost 7lbs....

So in 4 weeks I lost 24lbs... got my 2nd prescription of Xenical on Wednesday...

Looking forward to next WI on Monday...

Onwards and downwards :)


I will do this...
your doin really well!!! and look how much ur BMI is coming down already! ull be lost that weight and gaining baby weight in no time im sure! KEEP it up! :D xx
Aw thank you... And the same for you too!

How are you getting on? xxx


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Hi JenJen

Congrats on the progress so far. I have tried both Xenical and Reductil and found Xenical far more useful. I lost quite a bit using it a couple of years ago and if I get fed up of doing a vlcd would certainly go back to it. I know Reductil works for some people but it did very little for me and it is an antidepressant which always worried me rather as it affects the mind. Xenical seems much safer to me and targets the problem really directly.

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