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11th weigh in


Positivity is the key
Weigh in day and 3lb down so reached my 4 stone mark.
But what a day, spent 3 hours at the doctors, had to bring my eldest lad with a urine infection. When I finally got to weigh in it was late and I was starving. Brought the boys for lunch, settled down with my sparkling water and one of the flap jacks I had just gotten but when I opened it, it was mouldy, I couldn't believe it. I had just been discussing with the lass in the chemist how some on the forum had had their flapjacks recalled in the U.K. but they hadn't had a problem and hadn't heard about it. I had to return them and then it was another 2 hours before I actually got to eat, so starving didn't quite cut it.
So now exclusively shaking, not the easiest thing when you are traveling, but I will see what the chemist has to say on Friday when I get weighed again, as I am going on holidays and need supplies for my time away.
Hoping hugely for 3lb weight loss on Friday, which would fulfil my next goal, so fingers crossed but I won't be disappointed if I don't make it, I will have done by the time I get back.
Sorry for waffling, will sign off now.
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Congrats on 3lbs! 4 stone is amazing!! Fingers crossed for another 3lbs!

Hope your eldest is recovering well. I think if I opened a mouldy flapjack I'd be put off for life, if I wasn't already ;-)



Here we go again!
Well done on your losses so far Doirin, you are doing so well on this. I remember when you started this and had a few doubts but look at what you've achieved already! Keep up the good work, you're doing fantastic!!
oh my god, mouldy flapjack!! :jelous:

well done Doirin - another 3lb loss - brilliant!! 4 stone mark too! double celebration!!! hope your little 'un is feeling better xxx


A little of everything!

You should be jumping for joy!!! That is absolutely amazing! I am so happy for you!!

Have a great holiday!!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Doirin

Well done on your loss, and for getting the 4 stone - I know how much you were looking forward to that milestone!! You have got there....and in 11 weeks, what an achievement. You are doing so well - just think where you will be in another 11 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh dear, the mouldy flapjack saga seems to be continuing! Not so nice....I was so disappointed when I got the phone call cause I had decided to TRY again as you know!!! will have to wait till Thursday now.

Hope your little boy is recovering and will be better for your trip to UK! Oh,hope you have stopped shaking too and are no longer hungry!

Have a good day and again, well done for your loss this week.

Take care


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Nice one Doirin, 4 Stone is just amazing you soo deserve that holiday lol


Positivity is the key
Hi All,
thanks as always for the positive comments. Tony is feeling a bit better today but he has some pain still so taking it easy today. On antibiotics so should knock all bugs before we go to our hols.
Nicolas, we are off to Liverpool, my second favourite place beside Kerry. I lived there for 10 years up until 2000, visited last in 2003 so been a while now, so looking forward to catching up with friends again and as Tony is a Liverpool fan we will be off to Anfield. Also going to visit Thomasland at Drayton Manor with the youngest lad as he is a huge Thomas fan. So all in all a fun packed time planned.
how great to see you back, hope you had a wonderful holiday and are well refreshed after it. It seems like an age since I started and yes it was a bit shaky at the beginning but here I am now and can't believe it.
Yes scotsmist, it was such a huge milestone for me now I want to get to 16 stone, then break the 200lb mark and the list goes on and on......I am not looking for much eh!
Thanks again and best of luck for your own weigh ins this week.


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whooo! well done on your loss this week and bloomin well done on your total loss ... 4st! What an achievement - feels fantastic doesnt it! :)
I'm so pleased for you Doirin :D

You're doing a fantastic job with the LT and always providing lovely support to so many of your fellow forum members. It's great to see people doing so well.

Keep up the fab work!
Doirin ,4Stone , WOW !!!! well done. Hope your little man is ok. Well done on not eating anything when you were starving and stressed . You are a real trouper. Mouldy flapjacks :cry: concidering how bad they taste anyway I couldnt imagine them being any worse.!! ..

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