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12 day wedding count down

So I have been on again off again with CD was doing well and very close to my goal until last week which wasn't very wise since the wedding so close!

I now have 12 days until the big day and my dress is quite snug so I am aiming for 3-4lbs hopefully if I stuck to CD religiously! I'm going to do a daily post to keep me in line..

I usually have 1 pack and 1 bar then a low calorie/carb dinner in the evening and I have 2 coffees and a diet coke during the day.
I really need to do this as ive come so far and this is just the last bit!

I haven't had my morning pack yet. Have just had a mini skinny latte from the machine at work. Will have my pack in half an hour or so..
Going to try and walk to a further train station when I go home then walk back home from the station.
I don't know what to have for dinner yet.. Maybe an omelette with some veg and chilli sauce.. It's great b'cuz it tales 5mins to cook!

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Had chicken and mushroom soup for lunch. Went to nando's for dinner had quarter chicken half a salad and some helloumi which brings my total calories to just under 800.
Didn't drink much water today though only around 1liter. Didn't feel very hungry though which is great. Gonna have a cup of tea and go to bed so shattered.

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Thanks Gemma :)

I've just had my porridge and about to go into a meeting with my big bottle of water. I like it when I'm busy, it stops me from thinking about food! Got a toffee bat for lunch which I will try and have as late as possible:D

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Just had my choc bar, feel ok so far almost a 1L of water down! Cooling for my parter tonight might do a Chinese stir fry and I'll just have the chicken n veg n he can have the noodles with it.

So very poor at the moment hardly got a penny to my name, weddings just cost so much money!! Especially if u don't get any help from the parents which we haven't. My CDC is away this week so no WI hopefully I should see a good loss and be comfortable in my dress by next week. My WI is 2 days before the wedding :D

Just have to be good this weekend n not ruin it so close to the wedding can't afford any blips!!

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Hi. I am sure you will look stunning in your wedding dress and you have come some far and done well,
Was too tired by the time I got in so no Chinese! Had 3 chicken drumsticks instead and I'll have a little salad in a bit but first a nice cup of tea to warm me up! God it's so bloody cold

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Sat down with the family and had a bit more chicken with my salad so a bit more than I wanted to have but I still had less than 800 Cals today so I'm ok. Been up buying wedding favours and table numbers etc.. God its just never ending! I don't have a penny to my name but thank god I just got paid at midnight! Wohoo

Time to snooze, lights out :)

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Had my usual porridge and bar for lunch, then went out for dinner cheated slightly! Had a bigger piece of steak then I'm suppose to and also had a large glass of wine! Did walk a bit more though today (trying to make myself feel better) lol so totalling 1100 calories today. Going to walk a bit of the journey to work tomorrow to burn the excess 300 Cals I had tonight maybe I'll even have a go on my exercise bike for 10 mins. Usually I don't have any energy to go on the bike.
Oh well after a hard few days of manic wedding planning I really wanted a drink! And also I am almost done with everything wohoo can't wait till I have everything and I don't have to worry :D

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You're doing so well stay focussed. Just remember nothing tastes as good as that feeling you're gonna get when you enter that church (or wherever your getting married) and you feel and look fantastic! Good Luck for your big day x
So I was too lazy to walk to the kitchen and make my porridge lol had a bar instead and j think I'm gonna have chicken n mushroom soup in a min for lunch. Person sitting next to me has ordered Yo Sushi which I LOVE!! So not fair :( it's made me really hungry!
Gonna try and keep focused not easy though!

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Oh No lol. My daughter has her friend over and going to make pizza in a bit, not sure how I'm gonna cope with the smell mmmm also went to the cinema earlier and swear they were pumping the smell of sweet popcorn in there the whole time! Mind over Matter!! We can do it!! x
God I love cinema pop corn and nachos!! I was reading the paper the other day and the calories for cinema stuff was ridiculous!! Well done for staying strong ;-)

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I cheated This weekend. Went to a wedding and drank a bit too much. I have been back on the wagon today, I now have 4 days left so even a pound is good! Got my WI on Thursday so will try on my dress for the last time then! Fingers crossed it will fit perfectly:D

It was a bit stupid to come of the diet over the weekend but weddings can be very long when u don't drink! I do feel slimmer though so hopefully it hasn't caused much damage :)

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Was very good today, walked over 5k and didn't cheat at all :D
Met up with the decorator to go through final touches, it really feels like it's happening!! My dream wedding at with me over 2 stone lighter too :D
CD has been a life safer I would have never got to wear my beautiful dress without it ;-)

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