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12 pounds down/ water tips 1st week!

Hello all ! had my first weigh in and have lost 12 pounds! i was ment to start last saturday, which i did, did very well, but then broke it on sunday, so began again the next day, i was weighed yesterday and saw the amazing results!
i drink 500mls of water as soon as i get up in the morning, the water is always by my bed side.
i also drink the same amount just before i go to bed, and i try to drink through out the day, timing my drinking however when i know i will be out and about and may not be able to use the loo, so i try to drink as much as i can at home, and then am careful during the day, i.e if i will be on an hour long tube journey , i wont drink just before i get on to the tube, but will drink my water about 10 mins to me reaching my destination!
i hope this little tip helps someone! because i know its very important to drink the water.
if any one has any water tips, pls post!
a bib thank you to all who replied to my first post" i have jumped in" xxx
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I find it easier to drink my water from a 750ml 'sports top' bottle. The one I have next to me at the mo is a Highland Spring one.
Every night I fill up 2 x 2 litre bottles with water and stick them in the fridge. I aim to finish one before I finish work (2pm) and then the second one between then and going to bed. Works for me.
Well done on your fab loss.


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Great first week, well done :D

I also but bottles in the fridge at night for the next day, if I'm at work i.e. Mon - Fri, I have a 2litre and 2x 1 litre sports cap bottles (Asda's I find are the cheapest 6 x litre bottles for £1.87), I try and drink a litre before leaving the house, and then take the 2 one litre bottles to work, and usually always have one with me and drink through out the day, drink both before I go home.

Then drink the other half of my two litre bottle in the evening, that way I'm getting in at least 4 litres in the day, I try not to drink after 8pm or I'm up to the loo in the night :(

I also use the water flavourings in my bottles, I find 1 teaspoon does 2 litres (I don't like it too sweet), I also refill my bottles, until they're looking grubby.

Keep up the good work.

Take Care.


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I'm a bit of a coffee nut, which I know is bad, but one habit I've adopted to drink more water is to always drink a glass of water before each coffee that I have. So if I'm at home I drink a mugful while I wait for the kettle to boil, and if I have coffee out I make sure I buy a bottle of water at the same time and drink it alongside.

It felt odd at first and now its a habit. I do also drink water on its own so at least I know for sure that I get more water than coffee each day, and that is new to me since I've been on CD.


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i fill 3 1.5l bottles and put them in the fridge. i aim to drink one by 12pm, one by 4pm and one by 8pm then i won't be up all night weeing! i also tip the water into a glass and drink it as i find it is reassuring to watch the level in the bottle going down. as soon as i finish the glass, i fill it immediately. if i have to get up to go to the loo, i make sure i finish the glass before i go (don't know why but it works for me lol). as soon as a bottle is finished i take it to the kitchen, fill it, stick it in the fridge, remove a chilled one and fill up my glass right away. i find this really easy and i have managed to get 4.5l in each day so far no problems :D
Excellent weight loss, well done. With the water, like you, I am cautious of when I am drinking it and if I am going out for a long time, I will avoid drinking too much. For instance, I finish work at 4.30pm, pick hubby up at 5pm and not home till about 5.30pm so I usually finish drinking my water for the daytime by about 3pm, to ensure I am not bursting for a pee while I am waiting for hubby! x


You have to manage the water alright and think of the next available loo stop......having a cold supply in the fridge helps me a lot. I couldn't drink it room temperature. When I make tea at work, I always fill my 500ml bottle at the same time and make sure I have two before lunch and another 2 before I go home.....then a few more pints of it when I'm at home. It's a habit now.

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