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12 Stone Here I Come......

Monday 11th August: 17st 0lb

Well, that is my starting point.....

Two days in and I feel OK, much less bloated than I have been recently and although I'm quite hungry this evening, my willpower is working and I wont eat the crisps in the kitchen!

At the moment my typical daily food intake consists of a bowl of low sugar alpen with semi-skimmed milk for breakfast, a banana, cereal bar and walkers french fries during the day, soup for tea with at least two pints of water throughout the day + multivitamin, cod liver oil and glucosamine tablets.

I'm glad I've got this started, in fact I'm actually looking forward to monday :eek: to see how much I've shifted and get the thread updated.
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Thanks Lyn, I appreciate it.

Well I lost over 2 stone in 11 weeks roughly sticking to these foods earlier in the year, but lost my discipline and put it all back on.

I would imagine my daily calorie intake from this would be well below 1200 but I will total it up so I can take a more methodical approach.

So yes, I am calorie counting to start with and if it doesn't work or I plateau then I will be seeking advice!

Oh yeah, and I didnt eat the crisps! ;)

Thank you. :)

If I can average about -3lbs a week I'll be happy, but even then it will take around 6 months to get to my target.

What daily calorific intake would be classed as 'undereating' bearing in mind I'm a 6ft tall 17 stone bloke? :confused:

Just calculated my BMI....... 32.5 = obese = more determined to finally do this.
You do indeed!

I'm feeling pretty good about it right now, it's when the loss slows down or levels off that it becomes difficult to stay focused, but now I have my trusty ticker to complete it will be all good :D

Well done on losing a stone BTW!


Slowly Shrinking. Yay!!
How much is a stone?
Im normally used to kgs.
Yeah my weight has slowed down at the moment!
My weigh day is tomorrow. and i think ive only lost 2.2lbs.. which is okay!
But i could of done better.
I had a little slip up!
There are 14lbs in a stone. I'm still on imperial measurements here in the UK.

Yeah the rate of loss always slows down unfortunately but remember when you weigh in that even if its only say half a pound off, it's still a loss.

How did it go anyway?
Hey a loss is still a loss :)

What was your 'little slip up'?
Weight 1 week in: 16st 7lbs
Loss so far: 7lbs

Quite pleased today! I haven't done much exercise this week except an hour walk on saturday so I have to improve on this.

My new secret weapon is the bike I have just bought. :D Lets see if it helps me for next week.
Thanks Lyn.

I was hungry in the first few days but that is as much of a reflection of how much I was overeating before I started this as it is to how much I've cut down.

Once I got back into the routine of dieting and strictly controlling my eating the hunger went and now 8 days in I feel good.

I think perhaps I am slightly under-eating but not by much.

My bike arrived today too so Monday's weigh-in should be interesting. Shame its pouring with rain now so I cant go for a ride!
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I've got a baaaaad feeling about my weigh-in tomorrow.

Don't think I've had a particularly bad week, apart from some spaghetti bolognaise last night, but I don't feel like I've lost any weight at all. :sigh:

Ahh well fingers crossed for tomorrow....
Last Week: 16st 7lbs
New Weight: 16st 6lbs

So a one pound loss from last week......bit p***ed off about this, didn't think I had been that bad this week but a pound off is still a loss.

I will have to up my game!! Roll on next monday.

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