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12 week update

I havent really been updating to much of late, been a tad too busy with work etc however i felt it important to update everyone after 12 weeks and hopefully give those just starting the journey some hope and confidence.

At 1st my weight loss was rapid although my physical size seemed to be reducing a out of phase with my weight loss. Now however my size loss has overtaken my actual weightloss. I have been on Total solution for 12 weeks solid now with no add a meal in between, this week and for the next 3 i will be back on 3 normal meals until after T in the park then i'l be back on total solution to get the final push.

I will monitor my weight whilst i am back on food and let everyone know what is happening, its also worth mentioning that i NOW lead a very active lifestyle thanks to this diet plan which has really kicked my mindset into gear
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Hey Mark, nice to see another man on here, congrats by the way for sticking at it for 12 weeks and the weight loss of 72lbs. I have been on Exante for 11 days and lost 17lbs in 9 days and it seems everything has come to a standstill. I am sure the body is just readjusting itself and will start losing again and with stories like yours it seems well worthwhile carrying on. Thanks for the inspiration, we newbies need it.


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You have done fab Mark! I plan to do TS 12 weeks solid. I read on here that other tfr plans do that. I was checked by the hospital not long ago and have no health problems. So, I am going to go for it as long as I still feel ok. If anything changes, I will adjust my plan. But for now, this is my plan.

Good luck with introducing meals. I look forward to hearing how it goes.

Other mark, if you did not weigh everyday, you would not know you had not lost for a couple. When I was on Atkins, everyone use to say a stall is not losing weight or inches for at least 4 or 6 weeks. I can't think which one lol


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good boy!:)

Good morning to you also :) x

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Crikey thank you mark number one!.. 72lb .. that is so amazing, you certainly inspire this newbie.. some times my day by day approach I can find difficult as 12 weeks seems an age away.

I am so glad I doing this diet, and people like you and your stories really give me the confidence to know I can change. You seem so in control of your diet and your frame of mind about food seems spot on. Good luck on the rest of your journey and I look forward to saying WOOOHOO when you hit target. xx

Mark number two.. every day you are 100% you are making amazing changes. You have been so strong and so motivating, don't allow the evil scales addiction take the smile away.

A couple of days on meals and my weight has pretty much stayed the same which im happy with, i thought i would have put some back on as my body re-adjusted but it hasn't so far.

and please stick with it if you have only just started it works trust me, i'll have to dig out some before and after photos. 12 weeks goes quickly and after the 1st month its pretty easy to be fair, its all about habit and routine and what we get used too.
Hey Mark, I am finding it quite easy to be fair, have not been hungry, it's just the cravings that kick in when I smell food. Be interesting to see your before and after shots. I have a mate who I work with who did LL and lost 25 kgs so I decided to do Exante as it was far cheaper and I would not be able go to the counselling. How was eating after 3 months, food must have had a whole to taste, I have to admit food such as salad and veg never looked so good.


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lol! I am the same as you mark2 (lol) I am finding it easy. But I do feel if I did crave, it may be for veg right now. Especially sprouts and carrots lol

I am managing not to crave too much. I am craving much less than I craved when I was eating.

Marky, you are doing so well. I look forward to seeing your pics x

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Food..food mmmm food... NO nonono bars bars hot chocoolate shakes.... heheh retraining the brain..

I am so glad the food introduction went well Marky.

Unlike those two amazing gorgeous lovely inspiring oddities! I am not finding it easy hehe and suffer hunger pangs quite often... grrrr no cravings, or feelings of leaping onto a plate of food to drool over it.. but more finger nail chewing hunger. I think that is why I have managed to remain 100% each day, its not food I want. I just have an angry stomach.

However like Isis and Mark 2 if I do crave food itself, it is the healthy food I yearn for, salmon fillet with cherry tomatoes and salad.. I have decided when (not if!) when I get through week twelve that will be my reward meal, in the add a meal week.

The same as you guys really, I think I crave food less now than when I was eating food. If only my tummy would understand, that the brain doesn't want it.. and stop gurgling and trying to eat itself.

Before and after pictures would be so lovely marky when you get some time to pop the up.. not only for us girls ;) but for the inspiration. It is so fullfilling knowing we are on the same journey as people that have almost reached their destination. ( I will resist doing a train noise! okok I just did it!)



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Short, if it was not for the flask of herbal tea I carry with me all day everyday, I might be going through the same.

I am going to write in my blog later about another theory that I have about my ease on this plan. It struck me yesterday evening x


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I second what Mark says Calli! You are part of the team!

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:( how can Calli hurt us like this?!? even mentioning abandoning the team! Make Calli say sorry ! I am sulking

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pouting now! not only sulking

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
heheh i do love it when you call me short and gorgeous



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oh u fabulous fabulous people, i didn say i was leaving, just that i only manged 3 weeks last time.
but what can i say, you are legends and i will stay as long as i can. but i am positive. thankyou all so much x

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