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1200 plan is a nightmare to do!!How did others get on??HELP

Oh my god...how hard is the 1200 plan!!
I have been on for two weeks as making my way up the plans.It is so bloody difficult to do as as all the food and amounts are quite vague and because you are including the heavy carbs with each meal I feel like I am putting on weight,well acturally I know I am as went to boots for my body fat weigh in yesterday.Also feel myself picking and going back to the bad habits that got me so big in the first place!! god its all going wrong:cry:
How did everyone else find going onto the 1200 plan??

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i found the 1200 plan very daunting at first and panicked a bit, but once i got into it and after having a chat with my cdc and chilling out about it, it went well, i lost 3.7lbs in 8 days and because of that she put me on the 1500 plan, dont get on the scales till you get weighed.
it's not too bad, i think there's a lack of amounts that's the problem. you could do the 1000 plan and eat a couple of apples.

so basically....
(cals are aprox)

140 - cd porridge for brekkie
350 cals - you could also have a scrambled egg on brown bread or beans on toast etc (anything up to the 350 cals, could be made up with banana, muller light yog 100 cals etc)
450 - salad with cottage cheese and pasta or pots (as the 1000 plan for tea with apple for dessert 450 cals)
175 - cd bar i kept the last cd as a treat for the night.

should be around 1200 cals.

i remember last time living on apples and porridge as i love these 2.
p.s spreading around the food helped me.... like having 3 apples (150 cals) i knew i could pick on these if i needed to.

by having a lower cal lunch like a green salad you could also have a bit more fruit throughout the day if you really need to pick.


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one thing i do do, is on step 3 you can have 1 egg on one toast, you can double it on 1200 breakfast (300kl), i sit down the eve before and plan my days meals, i sit with all the books and a calorie counting book and work it out, its getting easier as i now know what is how many calories, try some of the recipes in the book, the prawn stir fry is yummy,i have 45g rice instead of 30g, as regrds the recipes just alter the amounts slightly, youll do it just try not to panic like i did itll come to you.

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