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13 stone to lose

I am reeeeally dedicated to trying to lose weight this time, I have tried lots of "diets" before but I had a hard time sticking to it. Since starting slimming world a few weeks ago I have become more dedicated and even taken up swimming again to help, any advice or help will be greatly appreciated :)

lots of love
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good luck with SW, its a great diet when followed properly. by the way just looked at your stats and at 56 feet tall you must see one hell of a lot from up there lol!! xxx look forward to tracking your progress x


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Like me, you have a lot to lose (I had over 10 stones to lose). I can't look at the whole picture yet so have made mini targets. Every time I achieve one I then calculate the next one. My first one was 10% off and I have now achieved this and am working on my 2nd 10%. I also take the diet one day at time and write everything I have down. So good luck

Irene xx
good luck i have nine and a half stone to lose but am breaking it down into half stone targets and looking at being succesful within eighteen months i am also doing slimming world, and am on week one using wii active personnel trainer as my excersize programme, hence am very sore but feeling happy


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Good luck. When it feels insurmountable you only need to get on here, read some, see some pictures, look at some people that made it and you'll know it's within reach and the best thing you've ever done for yourself.
Just wanted to wish you all the best.

I am a sw member too, hope you are finding it good.

Well done on the swimming. I am afraid to baremy bod in a swimsuit, so hats off to ya! The exercise will certainly speed your weight loss.

Good luck
I feel your pain... like Irene I have set myself achievable goals that will happen relatively quickly... I also reward my self with a beauty treat with each 1/2 stone.... I have had 2 pedicures & a hairdo so far... hoping for a manicure next week... These help me keep focused and spur me on when nearing a mini target... you will love SW... I have only been doing it 5 weeks, eating out at least once and I am still losing. It is a fantastic plan that fits into your life relatively easily... good luck honey, come over to the SW board, it is a great resource and a fantastic motivator, they have helped me immensely.



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Thank you Mini, I'll give it a go! lol
Hi there,

It seems really daunting when you have a lot to lose - we all feel the same way and actually the number you start at isn't really the point. It's helpful just to focus on the amount of progress you make each week and how good you feel about each pound you lose - that loses it's shine if you focus on what you weigh I find!

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