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131LBS gone!!

I just wanted to drop by and hopefully give you guys a lil motivation , i remember when i came to this forum, weemits and century club sections were my first port of calls.. i had 190lbs to loose and now 8 months later i have 55lbs to looose..

im not going to say it was easy because we knows its not and im not going to say its beeen really difficult for me because its been easier then i expected it to be.. i think the first barriers were the hardest , once you knock them down its so much easier to get the rest down

So if your looking for a reason to keep doing it and not to give up please believe me that you can do it... my only regret was that it toook me so long to give my body the respect it deserved...
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The Minis Bad Boy
Holy **** dude. Love the hair and piercings but more importantly you have shifted an enormous amount of weight in such a short time. Good for you!!!!!
Thankyou!! and ive still a lil to go but i will get there!! im determined x


The Minis Bad Boy
I'd say you are looking pretty good atm. But keep plowing away and im sure the other 51 lbs will fall off. Especially as youve done 135 already.
Yeah sometimes i look at the 50lbs and think grrr so much still but i realised theres no super rush so it shall come off sooner but im not giving up nooo wayy. xx
Seriously you look amazing and have done so well.
Congratulations and you truly are an inspiration.

Have you done it all on Xenical?

yeah xenical & exercise was my key... thankyou very very much =)
xenical is a pill that restricts your fat intake you have to eat 3 low fat meals a day & exercise its pretty simple really it saved my life i'd say


The Minis Bad Boy
oooooh howd you get onto that?

Does it basically mean it passes the fat through your body rather than clinging to it?
a third of it yes but if you dont stick to low fat your stuck in the loo for hours lol so only for dedicated people but it kinda makes you more determined.

you can only get it from your GP :) x
gym daily (not the last week coz i bin illy)
wii fit at least 30 mins a day
walking daily..

iii also do hip hop & squash every week & try to swim at least once a week...

if i dont go to the gym i do dvd workouts instead.


Queen of the Damned
That is a fantastic achievement, and proof positive that you CAN change your life. Looking forward to your celebrations when you get the next 55 lbs off :wow: :cool:
Wow welll doone, your such an inspiration

Berri xx

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