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You can eat as much as you want I would only worry if your weight loss slowed down or wasn't what you wanted it to be. If you check the books though it does say 'two golden rules for a healthy diet are: a wide variety of foods and everything in moderation'. If you're losing fine and eating loads then I would say go for it!

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If you're new to the plan don't worry about amounts, especially if you have quite a bit of weight to lose. I didn't worry about it starting off and I have a huge appetite and ate as much as I wanted.
When you've lost a good bit of weight you might get to the stage where you have to cut down slightly, like any diet. There's no need to worry about that starting off though.
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Yes I agree everything in moderation. If however you find that on the plan you are still a little peckish, you can have more of the free stuff to fill you up rather than look for something that you really should be avoiding!
The idea is that you eat until you are satisfied and not feeling uncomfortably stuffed!


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I find this from SW to confirm an answer that is offical :)

Q: I’m still hungry. Can you help?
A: It can be difficult getting over that ‘diet’ feeling (Dare I Eat That?), but trust in the power of Food Optimising. Be encouraged to eat, eat, eat until you’re full and completely satisfied. There really is no need to go hungry with Food Optimising because of the huge range of completely Free and unlimited foods that are available. When you next go shopping, plan in advance and make sure you stock your cupboards with plenty of Free Foods, fill up your fruit bowl with your favourites and perhaps some new Free fruit (don’t forget, bananas and grapes are Free and great for nibbling on!), and pile your plate high at meal times. If a recipe is Free but says it serves 4, don’t feel restricted by that. If you want to eat the whole pan of chilli, dish of pasta or two steaks instead of one – feel free!
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I went to slimming world group last year, and in the first week I thought I was eating like a pig and there was no way I would lose weight, but I lost 7lb in the first week!! I got to target and left, god knows why, but the I quit smoking and over xmas I put the two stone back on! NowI am doing SW at home and lost 5lb in my first week and my second WI is on sunday, Good luck to you and dont go hungry!! x


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I agree with everyone on here, just eat all the free stuff until you are satisfied, be that a chicken leg or a whole chicken, I love the extra easy plan as it encourages more veg, but I still eat loads of meat and pasta etc.

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Eat, eat, eat. The threads you ahve seen where people are restricting, are those that are really struggling. I am one of those. But I wouldn't advocate restricting yourself otherwise. If when nearing target, the weight loss slows down, or stops, then maybe looka t volume, but until then, eat til your full and happy!!

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Thanks everyone for helping me, I will probably post some more daft threads soon!!!
I really need all the support I get can at the mo!!!


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Eat til you are comfortably full - no need to go hungry! However, make sure you get plenty of super free in there (1/3rd) so that helps you fill up - rather than just eating potatoes, pasta and meat!

Good luck - you will get plenty of support and help on here :D
How come Slimming World says you can eat as much free foods as you want but people on here say "within moderation". I have a big appetite and can eat quite alot before feeling satisfied.

Can you help me understand better.

if you ate 10 steaks, a whole packet of rice and 3 packets of bacon altho its free, do you think you would lose weight??

Its about using free foods as a tool to eat until you feel comfortably full. not to pig out.