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13th wi- not so good

hi guys
have jus come back from my wi and only lost 1.5lbs :cry: i was expectin to lose more. i feel so down now. im wrackin my brains now tryin to think wot ave i done last wk to slow down the weight loss. but ive stuck to LT 100%!!!

Also, ive got a weddin on sat which includes a big 6 course dinner, which of course i cant eat. im gona take a flapjack. BUt im dreadin sittin there watchin everyone eattin. Any advice on wot i cud do?
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Hey Gem dont be down hun! It happens to us all and i understand it is very disheartening but you totally know it will pick up next week..it always does! More water hun maybe or blame good old TOTM and then pick yourself up and bring on week 14:D
Oh and well done a loss is a loss honey xxx
Dont worry Gemma, Im also waiting for my mini loss I think it happens to most, its in the right direction and its a loss.....Bargain, right!:hug99:x


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I feel your pain! I had 3 weeks on the trot with small losses, and today I went for my weigh in and the pharmacist said "oh you haven't lost much" - I'd lost 4 lb! She is lovely my pharmacist but that really made my heart sink until I actually took in how much had gone!
My point? Even when you stick 100% (and believe me, I haven't touched a morsel of anything forbidden since day 1), the body can hang on to weight, be it fat, water or a cheeky poo that needs to come out (sorry). You will see the losses, just keep going and wait till next week!



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gemma you have done sooooo well and you still had a loss have you done your measurments youve proberly lost inches thats what usually happens xx
dont know what to suggest for the wedding you could try not seeing it as food but lard instead xx
Chin up its still a loss. Im sure you will lose more next week.


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its still a loss ...that what youve got to remember :) its still 1 1/2lbs better towards your goal and as everyone has said, other factors can come into the equation...life has a habit of intervening on our plans :) just think of it as one week that wasnt as much as you would like and then carry on to the next ... it does get a bit harder though doesnt it, as the weeks progress xxx

h x
Hiya all,

Just a thought i would go to the weddin and eat the 6 course meal it will probably shock your body back into loosin again and you will probably find that you cant eat that much anyway. Ive just come back from holiday and ate most things i wanted but one thing was strange before i started i had a really sweet tooth but on holiday i didnt want anything sweet which shocked me !!! I only put 2lb on in 2 weeks i have weighed my self at home and ive lost the 2lb already i go to the chemist on wed so we will c how ive gone on but maybe your body has got used to the amount of calories and needs a bit of a jolt .


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Look at it as the bigger picture Pink, Its still adding to your already MASSIVE loss.
I'd say your doing great, more than great,... I know somewhere down the line I'm going to get those weeks, but as long as its a loss, who cares :)
Toni x


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It's probably hormones hun, causing havoc with our bodies. They don't just affect us just once a month but every single day, some worse than others. Flippin men have got it easy. The weight is coming off in the right direction, try and keep your spirits up, :hug99: xx
:eek:Men have it easy hey Ha, you dont know the half of it :p xx


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Keep yer chin up and as everyone else is saying,it may be less than you expected but your not going backwards and gaining,you're still losing,as for the wedding,I was at my nephews Christening at the end of wk one and I was surrounded by gorgeous food and I didnt succomb,I just kept thinking how good I was going to look when the lard comes off,Good Luck and keep smiling x

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