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3rd week WI and not 100% so pretty pleased..


Sensibly losing :)
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Ok, had my 3rd WI and I am 3lb off this week which is fab, 19lb off in 3 weeks and as you know I have not been 100% for a lot of it.. Had an argument with the lady seeing me as I was honest.. told her I had eaten chicken as a supplement as been up most of every night for over a week with 3 kids and due to my heavy meds with my back I cant function.. daft bat tried to tell me I had blown it 'well, as you have done that you will now be complpetely out of ketosis and not be losing anny weight, you have probably gained this week'... When I removed her head from my mouth I firmly explained that I was following advice from the LT helpine and wasnt making it up as they had advised me to do this and that ketosis is affected by touching CARBS! SHe looked SO sh!tty with me its untrue and even more so when I assured her I had still lost weight this week.. she huffed and set the scales and told me I had lost 3lb thru gritted teeth! She didnt even write in my card etc, I had to ask her to do it and even then se left the kilo column out! Mardy or wot! LOL! Anyway, I had the last laugh...!! (I didnt tell her I had been picking on the odd biccie or choc square.. but have been as sensible as I can be with it and had tiny amounts.. its not been a good week!)...

So, am chuffed with my progress, and seem to be getting on ok, I am not torturing myself and I am not allowing myself to be spaced out and feeling rough, this seems to be working for me at the moment and until my back calms down and I can reduce my morphine dose I cant see it changing much... I am asured by the helpline this is ok and that some days I can substitute a meal for a shake.. but I dont think I want to test the water on this yet as its a bit 'full-on' and much different that nicking a cube of chicken or a slice of turkey... although I am craving a grilled steak right now and have been for days!!!

Anyway, the kids are improving (all been off school/nursery for a week its been that bad, plus OH has had manflU!!!) once more and I am telling myself that from NOW I am 100% midweek and I may allow a little nibble of a weekend as this is my hardest time.. plus I think it will put me in good practice for when I finish and do my 80/20 as I plan on doing the same then.. I am not talking eating naughty stuff or allowing meals yet but I refuse to make myself feel guilty for eating something sensible...

My middle child brought home something from nursery Friday for mothers day and its unsettled me.. it was asking all about Mummy... Mummys favourite drink: milkshake, Mummys fave food: Mummy is not allowed to eat, shes on a diet..... then this morning she wanted to make me brekkie in bed for mothers day, along with the baby and eldest.. and I had to refuse.. and again I am being asked why I am not eating any food - this is not right and will not build a good food relationship.. but I also know that me being overweight wont help much either! its a toughie!!

Anyway, at least she didnt get to see me a couple of years ago as I was about 7 stone heavier and ate/boozed for England.. that WOULD have caused problems...!!! I have certainly sorted out my eatng issues since then and maintained my weight ok where I was.. hoping to get a little bit more off, maybe a stone and creep over my target and then leave it at that and see how I feel!

OOh and Cham, peanut flapjack is EWW! I have never ever bitten anything like it in my life, tasted anything like it in my life and been sooo grossed out EVER!! How on earth can you eat them??? It was that bad I wouldnt even feed it to the daughters rats!!! LOL!! SPEW!!

Hope everyones having a lovely Mothers day, its certainly a toughie here as no brekkie in bed, no meal out, no nice lunch with the parents...!! grrrr!!! Still, if we like the scales reducing I guess we cant have it all!!

Heres to being 100% from now for the next 5 days MINIMUM!!!! :)

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That's a sensible approach given your drugs - good for you and what attitude at the pharmacy!

I too am struggling with the whole not eating on Mother's day and had to suffer everyone else pigging out at lunch on a roast and pudding while I sipped my vanilla shake. Feeling REALLY fed up.


Sensibly losing :)
S: 12st12lb C: 12st12lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well I could have had my Mum here for a slap up roast and decided not to as I would have been miserable! I have had no choc for mothers day, no nice brekkie cooked for me in bed, no dinner made for me to give me some time out.. its bloody miserable!! The family are missing out right now as I just cant face cooking a roast etc as I have no interest - this wasnt this way last week! I have just given up and whacked sausages in the oven as they need to eat LOL! SO struggling for some time with the OH and without the kids, love going out for a nice quiet meal etc and even that cant happen now so I choose to stay in.. not doing any of us any good! moan moan!! I am a right moaning minnie today.. I need it to be MOnday so i can get back on track as midweek is not an issue! :) xx
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oh nicky I know - I totally get it but look how well you've done in your first week! we'd all be nuts to throw it all away now - after all the first 5 days are the worst and once you've that under your belt you get to loosen your belt week in week out!
Donna you're dead right - the lady in the pharmacy doesn't know anything about the pain you're in and why you need the morph. etc so sod her - you're the best judge of what you need to manage this diet around your medication...feel for you though with your wee ones writing in their schools about mummys diet... but just think of what they'll be writing in a few months about mummy out playing ball and running around with them all the live long day!
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I know what you mean. I've been out in the garden in my little boy's playhouse (he's 3) and we've been playing 'big cook, little cook' (from CBeebies). I've been ordered to cook pizza, spag bol, toast allsorts of things and now I've had to come in as the thought of pizza was too much!!! I'm just reminding myself it's only one day. If I can get through tea-time then I'll be fine. Just missing the chomping and relaxing with a glass of something nice in the evenings!

Thornhill Cate

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Well done Donna. A 3lb loss is great. I went to my mum's for mother's day. My sister, brother-in-law, BIL's mother, my niece and nephew and my son disappeared into the dining room for roast lunch and I sat in the living room reading You magazine. Did have a couple of slices of turkey but not the same without gravy etc. as a bit dry. Don't know why I bothered.

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