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I got a bag of dog food today n when i was putting it in boot of my car, I thought to myself, b****y hell, that's so heavy. Once home I had to get it out n drag it in house, that's when I saw that it weighs 15kgs!
N that's when I thought OMG, that's the weight I've just lost! If I was struggling with that bag, how on earth did I carry so much weight in my body???? No wonder I was using my inhalers every 10mins while walking.
So I've got nearly another 2 of those bags to lose as body weight, can't believe how much I've abused my body over the years with food.
But am so glad, am doin something about it, and I no I will get there.
Just thought I'd share n see if any of u had similar experiences?

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Something like that really brings it home to you!

Well done on your weight loss:happy096:


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omg no wonder i got leg cramps thanks 4 reminding me why i am doing this x
If you get leg cramp on this diet it can be from not drinking enough water to...drinking too much.

Slimline tonic water can help or you could try adding a pinch of salt to a class of water.

For some it can be when you eat carbs without refeeding which has happened to me and it is very painful.

I have used Slimline tonic water


Sensibly losing :)
Lol i have a dog too so this amount of dog food i can associate as i am not even allowed to lift the sack cause of my back. Just calculated that i have lost 44.9 kilos.... So that was like me carrying 3 of those around with me all of the time! Eek thats scary isnt it! Xx
Thats great when things like that happen. 15kg is alot to carry and you really don't notice it when it creeps on. Well done :D

I lost 6 stone with lighterlife last year but put back 2, so now i am doing lipotrim and have a total of nearly 5 stone to go:sigh: but i will do it i am confident in that. Just need to come on here for support.
Keep up the good work, when i lost 6 stone it was the same weight as my 6 yr old twins...:D
My daughter asked how much i had lost so told her, so i got the scales and weighed all my tins/jars in my cupboard, 3 carrier bags full of tins = 3 stone lol, ALOT to carry around, amazing how we even walked lol
wow! doesnt seem so much when we are actually carrying it does it. i have to lose 4 x my 3 stone toddler!
Thanks for that V. You're so right - that's what it's all about - not just our appearance but how we feel. I've just been ransacking the house to find something about 3 stone to encourage me! ;)


Sensibly losing :)
Got 3 kids you can borrow Jessie that should do the job.... ;) LOL! x
Lol! Thanks but no thanks, Donna! I've now settled on the weight of the ironing board (which was really awkward to weigh!) plus a basket full of washing and about 50 books. God, no wonder I'm feeling better now with all that extra off. Don't know how I managed before but definitely don't want it back! :D


Sensibly losing :)
LMAO At the lengths we all go to!! I have an image of you stood on the scales, irorning board on ya head balanced out either side with laundry and books!!! ROFL!!! it is crazy when you think about it - its no wonder my back was much more knackered carrying all of that extra stuff about!! SLowly creeps on tho so you really dont notice the difference!!x