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  1. Dimage

    Dimage Full Member

    Do you believe your body has a "go to" weight? Because mine sure as egg mayo does!!!

    No matter how careful I am with my portion size, my calories, my fat intake, my water intake. I will lose maybe 4 pounds, I take my eye off the ball for maybe 2 days at most and BOING I'm back to 160lbs to start the cycle again.

    When I say I take my eye off the ball I do not mean I eat from the local chinese or chipper. I simply mean I may not count as strictly as normal, no major mega pig out sessions involved.

    I'm stumped as to what to do next. I'm in a cul de sac and doing an about turn but don't know what direction to set off in.

    I don't know what this thread will be. Maybe an honest look for myself into what I'm eating. I do realise I MUST be over eating or this simply wouldn't happen.

    Today I definitely have over eaten as earlier on I said to myself sure what harm eating like miss piggy for the night, at least I will know not to expect any scales miracles tomorrow.

    So today I ate

    B: 2 breakfast Biscuits with 2 coffees

    L: White bread ham and cheese sandwich

    D: 2 T*sco Burritos, bowl of custard with some cookies broken into it, a pack of snacks, a strip of strawberry crunch white chocolate, coffees.

    I am full to the point of over full. I know if I go back downstairs I will look for more to eat.

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  3. Dimage

    Dimage Full Member

    Not eaten anything since. Part resolve, part laziness about going to the kitchen.
  4. Bostik

    Bostik Gold Member

    Stick to it and you'll get under 160 :) good luck!
  5. Dimage

    Dimage Full Member

    Thanks Bostik!

    Food today:

    B: belvita biscuits and coffee
    L: Chicken and ham 2 roast potato and gravy
    Sugar free jelly and 1 scoop icecream
    D: Toasted chicken sandwich and diet coke
  6. Bostik

    Bostik Gold Member

    Sounds like a yum day :)
  7. Dimage

    Dimage Full Member

    It sure was! Not the healthiest diet wise but Sunday wouldn't be Sunday here without a roast of some sort :D

    Todays food

    B Coffee
    L 2 scrambled eggs and 2 slices smoked salmon
    D Cabbage veg soup plus chicken tomato feta salad.
    S: 3 liquorice sticks & 1 apple
    Coffee, diet coke, tea.
  8. Bostik

    Bostik Gold Member

    Good job :)
  9. Dimage

    Dimage Full Member


    B: Boiled egg and smoked salmon

    L: Cabbage veg soup

    D: Tuna steak with leek and mushroom stirfry in sweet chili sauce

    S: 1 pear
    S: 3 piece liquorice

    Coffee , water, diet coke
  10. Dimage

    Dimage Full Member

    B : hard boiled egg plus slice of smoked salmon

    L: Carrot and Coriander soup

    D Salmon fillet with a leek onion cabbage stirfry

    S: Apple and liquorice

    Tea & diet coke
  11. Bostik

    Bostik Gold Member

    Lol I used to love liquorice. Sambuca has put me off more recently lol
  12. Dimage

    Dimage Full Member

    ohh sambuca lol. I'll give it a miss for the moment and stick with the liqourice lol

    B: Pancake
    L: Veg soup with spoon of creme fraiche
    D: Roast chicken, roast carrots and onions

    Tea and coffee
  13. Dimage

    Dimage Full Member

    B: Chicken omlette

    L : Chicken cottage cheese plus apple salad

    D: Carrot & coriander soup

    Coke tea and coffee
  14. Mousa

    Mousa Member

    Hi, I love carrot & coriander soup how do you make yours ? does it have any syns on EE ?

    Oops just just realised your not on SW :))
  15. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    Maybe you just need to keep on battling through and you'll break the 160lb curse! You'll do it I'm sure :)

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