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  1. BoS83

    BoS83 Gold Member

    So, i've decided to jump on here and share my food diary.
    i'm 28 and started WW originally back in 2008 and got to my goal weight in ultra quick time.
    that was part of the problem because then i moved half way up the country and hadn't quite gotten used to watching my points and losing the weight had gone to my head. so with all of that and making new friends involving drink and takeaways, im worse than ever!
    so im 11st, 3.5 and my goal is 9st 3.
    actually am going out in a while but will post tonight or tomoro morn!
    Im determined this time!!
    Single, buying a house and determined to embrace my new life!! :)
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  3. marthamydear

    marthamydear Full Member

    following :) good luck xxxx
  4. BoS83

    BoS83 Gold Member

    so... went out last night. head is a little sore. :wave_cry: but feel much better now having weighted myself and totted up what i ate last nite! very proud of myself.

    By the way, this is not a typical day for me-bad day to start off as my first diary here-but didnt want to put if off anymore.

    So- I weighed in last Saturday morn at 11st 3 & 1/2 and i'm down to 10st 10 & 1/2!!!!:eek: Had to come off the scales and re-weigh a few times!!!

    So i've lost 7lbs!!! :D:):D
    Listen, some of that must have been bloating/ wate retention but hell, my scales is really good and ive always believed it before!
    But i want to get back to WI on Thurs cos thats when i used to do it when i went to meetings before and i found it good to have a clean slate for weekend.

    Sorry for the long intro but should have said more yesterday to begin with....

    Friday 11/11/2011
    Deli sausage roll-small x 2 (10?) :confused:
    ketchup (0)
    tea-black x 2(0)

    pitta bread (3)
    mayo EL (0)
    pesto (1)
    cheese WW (1)
    D. Coke (0)

    D.coke x 2 (0)
    d. 7up (0)
    Chicken wrapped in parma ham (7)
    ricotta, sundried tomato and sage stuffing (2) - very little of it...
    citrs couscous (3)
    steamed veg (0)

    Gin & slim line tonc x 7 (21)

    Total dailies: 29/29
    Total weeklies used: 20/49
    Total weeklies left: 29/49

    Fab dinner and think i choose well. it is only saturday and im well impressed that i have that many weeklies left after a nite out!
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  5. yummymummy75

    yummymummy75 Silver Member

    ketchup isnt 0 hun
  6. BoS83

    BoS83 Gold Member

    30g is 1 pt, only had bout 10g. prob hardly worth mentioning at all but trying to put absolutely everything down...
    Thanks tho. :)
  7. marthamydear

    marthamydear Full Member

    mmmmm gin...I stop counting after a while!! :rolleyes:
  8. BoS83

    BoS83 Gold Member

    Ya i had to be very aware of who was buying rounds etc to be able to count! :) they were yum!!

    So hangover is finally gone (lite weight i know!) and hunger setting in.... gona have a home version of takeaway tonite-chicken burger and chips...

    Will put up diary tonite!
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  9. BoS83

    BoS83 Gold Member

    Ok so food diary was small today. By the time the hangover left it was late in the day and wasn't goin to eat for the sake of it....
    and just drank water and coffee until it went. :)

    Popcorn 15g (2)
    Chicken Burger (3+5) with onion, lettuce, tomato (0) and hoemade mushroom sauce (1) and WW cheese (1)
    Homemade chips w/ cajun spice (5) w/ ketchup (1)
    D. Coke (0)
    WW bread x 2 (2) w/ garlic butter (2)
    Sugar free jelly (0)

    Total dailies: 22/29
    Total weeklies used: 0
    Total weeklies left: 29/49

    Off to bed, wrecked.... Too old for this! :)
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  10. fatal

    fatal Full Member

    Just checking in to say I'm following! x
  11. BoS83

    BoS83 Gold Member

    So, had fab sleep in this morn and then went to visit my sisters. was goin to stay for dinner but found out they were cookin fabulous (but deadly) foods like deep fried brie, corn fritters and tempura onions! :eek:

    They didn't realise i was back on WW but once i told them, they understood why i ran out of the house before they started cooking! :break_diet:

    So this is what i ended up with instead...

    Sunday 13/11/2011
    Pasta (5) with chicken (2), onion and pesto (1)
    Curlywurly (3)
    Apple & mandarin (0)

    Tiny bread roll (3), butter (1) w/ garlic flakes and crispy onions (0)
    Tesco Ham & mushrooms tagliatelli (10)

    Total Dailies used: 25/29
    Weeklies used today: 0
    Total Weeklies Left: 29/49

    Only realised when i was eating my dinner that i've had pasta over load today! Ooops! :)

    Watching X-factor but may finish my points before i go to bed..... :)
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  12. BoS83

    BoS83 Gold Member

    And I did..
    Popcorn 15g (2)
    WW bread & WW cheese toastie (2)

    Total dailies: 29/29
    Weeklies used today: 0/49
    Total Weeklies left: 29
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  13. BoS83

    BoS83 Gold Member

    Monday 14/11/2011
    scrambled egg (2)
    Mushroom, tom, onion, WW bread (1) with butter (1)

    Beans (6), WW toast x 2 (2)

    Tesco lasagne (11) , with extra cheese (1)
    Homemade chips (3) with garlic & herb spices (1)
    Chilli sce with EL Mayo (0)
    pineapple w/ mandarin (0)

    Solero (2)
    Rancheros (3)
    Curlywurly (3)

    Total Dailies Used: 29/29
    Weeklies Used Today: 7/49
    Total Weeklies left: 22

    Felt picky this evening. Oh well.
    I also dont feel bad about goin into my weeklies. i didnt use my dailies the last 2 days. Had a sneeky peak at scales and gone up a bit. I know i shouldnt be checking and im not worried about it bcos i shudnt hav looked, but thought it may be bcos i wasnt using all my pts!
    Will have to wait and see. :)
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  14. BoS83

    BoS83 Gold Member

    Tuesday 15/11/2011
    Pitta (3) with tomato pureé & red pesto (1), Roast Veg (0), WW cheese (1)
    Tomato soup (2)

    Chicken (5), fajita mix(1), veg, pitta bread (3)
    Sweet Chilli (0), EL Mayo (1)

    WW instant whip (2)
    Solero (2)
    Popcorn (2)

    Homemade Chips (3)
    Ketchup (1)

    Snack a jacks (3)
    Toast (1)
    Light cheese single (1)

    Total Dailies Used: 29/29
    Weeklies used Today: 1/49
    Total Weeklies Left: 21

    Got some good news on my house buy today-its moved on really well so mite have keys end of this week, start of next if im lucky. Well, they'll be some celebration then!!! :)
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  15. Polly32

    Polly32 Full Member

    mmmm is sweet chilli sauce 0 pp?? yummmy will look forward to having some of that ;) ha
  16. BoS83

    BoS83 Gold Member

    'Ye, sweet chilli sauce-30g = 0 points! double check depending on brand but ya its cool! use it al the time in summer on salads... :)
  17. BoS83

    BoS83 Gold Member

    Ok so here's todays diary so far....

    Banana (0)

    D.Pepsi (0)
    Pitta pizza (3) with veg (0), Omato pureé & red pesto (1), turkey rashers (1) & cheese (1)

    Steak Medallion (3)
    Homemade Chips (4)
    Mushrooms, onions with soft cheese sauce (1)
    Ketchup (1)

    So... Ive only used 15 points so far..... another 14 to go! but its 6.15pm....
    Don't wana eat for sake of it but i find i don't loose weight when i dont eat my points.... ?? :(
  18. BoS83

    BoS83 Gold Member

    Ok so i found a way to finish my points! :)

    Toast x 2 (3)
    Butter (2)
    brown sauce (1)
    Turkey rashers (1)
    Turkey Sausages (4)

    Burger Bites (2)
    Solero (2)

    Total Dailies used: 29/29
    Weeklies used today: 1
    Total Weeklie Left: 20/49

    WI in morning... :/
    Total Activities earned this week: 21
    I don't usually calculate activity points but was curious.....
    Here's to WI in morn! :)
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  19. BoS83

    BoS83 Gold Member

    Ok, so WI this morning. 10st 11.
    +0.5 lb
    Not too upset. Had huge loss the first week and think my body mite hav been balancing that out. Also I weighted in on saturday but wanted to change my day back to Thurs Like I used to before.
    So here's to a good week! :)
  20. Polly32

    Polly32 Full Member

    That's good so and as you said maybe by sat you would have been down x best of luck for the week ahead ?
  21. BoS83

    BoS83 Gold Member

    Thanks Polly. :)

    Thursday 17/11/2011
    Banana (0)

    Omlette with Egg x 2 & egg white (4)
    turkey rasher (1)
    veg (0), pesto (1), Feta (2)

    Pasta (6), prawns 2), parmasan (1), low fat cheese (1)

    Granola (6), fruit (0), yogurt (1)

    Toast (1), WW Cheese (1)
    Curlywurly (3)

    Total dailies used: 29/29
    Weeklies used today: 1
    Total weeklies left: 48

    I found last week that i wasn't eating enough each day. I don't overly eat early in morning but i eat proper foods throughout day rather than just lunch and dinner and then using points on snacks during evening. So lets see how that goes this week...

    Also very proud that i went for 40 minute walk in the lashing rain this morning. I go out with my friends who have dogs and the good thing is that they have to go out everyday because the dogs need a run so its a nice habit to hav gotten in to to go with them regardless!

    Good day all round really :)
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