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  1. neil270289

    neil270289 Member

    Hey I'm Neil, 25 and currently weighing a whopping 18.5 stone. Surprisingly though this isn't my heaviest, 2 years ago I weighed my all time heaviest of 21.9 stone, however 3 months ago I weighed my lowest of 16 stone. You see 3 months ago I was put on medication for my mental health and I've now gained 2.5 stone back on :( because they are tablets that "can"/ have gained weight. Anyway I'm still trying to lose weight so my journey starts today. With the help of slim fast,orlistat (prescribed by doctors), the new gym membership and most importantly the need to succeed.

    My aim would be to weigh 14 to 15 stone, or what ever it takes to lose my moobs and belly.

    Questions for who ever reads, if anyone reads, are;
    1) anyone used orlistat?
    2) how long should it take to be where I want?
    3) any advice? It would be welcomed.

    Finally I'd like to say welcome along on this long and what feels like never ending ride.
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  3. neil270289

    neil270289 Member

    I'll be using this as more of a blog to myself because I honestly doubt theirs anyone to reply so from now on it will be a diary and motivation. I've signed up to pure gym, my dad paid for me, so I have everyone behind me and the only way to fail is me. It's hard work I know, it's not going to be easy but I need to. I need to get down their and do it. I've always wanted to be slim so what's stopping me other than hard work and determination. Let's do it man. One step at a time.
  4. jeanette78

    jeanette78 Silver Member

    Good luck on ur journey neil, can't help u re slimfast as I am on exante (a VLCD) and hav been on it since end of last may, with 7 weeks off (4 weeks hols and 3 weeks over xmas) and hav lost 6st 5lb. Hav another 1.5 stone to go, so can emphasise with u, re ur weight.
    Keep on it as u feel a lot better about urself when u lose weight.

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  5. neil270289

    neil270289 Member

    Hey Jeanette, well done on your massive weight loss, I bet it feels great to know your goal is in sight :) best of luck for your remainder :)
  6. jeanette78

    jeanette78 Silver Member

    Thanx neil, good luck with your diet :D

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  7. neil270289

    neil270289 Member

    So I'm finally at the gym, hour a day. Problem is without the gym I'm not very active which worries me. I've worked it out that healthy it should take 7 weeks per stone and I want to lose 4 stone so 28 weeks, as long as I stay determined that is!

    Problem is my anti psychotics and anti depressants are no longer in my body making me very very low. I've got to learn to move away from food as a comfort thing. What a long road a head. But even if I have to crawl it I will do it.
  8. neil270289

    neil270289 Member

    Gym again today, walked 3.5 miles and used the rowing machine too.
  9. just wanna be a 16

    just wanna be a 16 Full Member

    hi neil

    sounds like your doing well - i am just eating sensible and doing lots of exercise - i find the exercise makes me feel happier, does it help you?

    dont put too much pressure on yourself, just be pleased with each weight loss you have :)

    take it a day at a time - i am nearly 11 weeks in and cant believe how different i feel in such a short time.

    good luck with your journey :D
  10. neil270289

    neil270289 Member

    Thanks, I'm trying my hardest to eat sensible but I've scared myself into eating because I fear it's the wrong stuff. Tonight for instance I've had boiled rice with curry sauce, no meat or anything. I have only used 500 of my calories today and still have a 1000 if I wanted so I'm 99% positive that the rice and sauce isn't 1000.

    Also I'm currently out of work so my only active part of the day is the gym, 3.5 miles I walked today. I just really hope it's enough. I did read that just reducing your calorie intake by 500 calories a day or 3500 a week is enough to lose without exercise as it's 80% what you eat and 20% of exercise. I'm new to it again (last time I lost 5 stone but I was working too) I'm sorry for rambling but I'm so scared to fail.

    I'm glad your plan is working for you.
  11. just wanna be a 16

    just wanna be a 16 Full Member

    just make sure you eat enough as your body will hold on to what you eat and you wont lose anything - 3 sensible meals a day and some healthy snacks too.

    have you googled how many calories you need a day to lose weight? there are some fab sites out there, i use my fitness pal you log all your food and your workouts and it tells you what you need. also are you drinking plenty of water???

    just keep yourself busy and enjoy what you eat and the exercise your do.

    remember your body is a machine you need to fill it right to make it work!
  12. neil270289

    neil270289 Member

    Fitness pal is amazing I have it on my phone :) I've googled the calorie intake that just reducin 500 a day can help you lose 1-2 pound a week. My plan is a full 1000 calories less according to fitness pal.

    Have you any tips on safe food?
  13. just wanna be a 16

    just wanna be a 16 Full Member

    it depends what you like, i cook a lot from scratch and add extra veg where i can. i have the hairy bikers diet book its like my bible and the family like the recipes too, but i am a crisp addict so i have switched too a pack of quavers a day.

    what sort of food are you eating?

    i have not heard of the tablets your on, do you have to be careful with the fat content of the foods you eat? i have a raspberry ketone every day.

    hope your having a good weekend :)
  14. neil270289

    neil270289 Member

    The hairy bikers are great I'll have to have a look out for their book :) I have a slim fast shake for breakfast, again for lunch or noodles (but feel bad with noodles) and have potatoes and salad or rice veg and chicken or fish for dinner. The tablets are prescribed by the doctors, they are like alli but double the strength I believe. I have to be extra careful on them tbh if you get a meal wrong it isn't pleasant but no pain no gain aye? lol. How's your raspberry ones? Do you have to be careful on then?

    Hope your weekends good too
  15. just wanna be a 16

    just wanna be a 16 Full Member

    hi neil, hows your week going? i tried alli but they never worked for me but i know other people who tried them and got on ok with them, i can imagine that you have to be very careful with what you eat! i dont know if the raspberry ones work but just incase i will keep on taking them lol they say that they boost your metabolism. have you been to the gym this week? i have worked off at least 500 calories a day and stuck to under 1800 cals a day so finger crossed for my weigh in tomorrow
  16. neil270289

    neil270289 Member

    You've done really well this week then, well done :) I've only managed the gym 3 days this week, I really need To muster up the strength to go today but my calories are No more than 1200 a day. Averaging around 1000.
  17. just wanna be a 16

    just wanna be a 16 Full Member

    thanks - am not doing well this week i seem to of lost my mojo :sigh: not been to the gym since saturday, but i did have a long walk on tuesday, am gonna hit the gym tomorrow and find my mojo........i hope lol.

    have you weighed yourself yet? hope your having a good week

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