Really want to lose two stone!
To get bk to target after having my Second baby, but weekends ruin my week!

Been so good this week! But then tonight my partner came home from pub with a few friends and a pizza. So I had a vodka (4syns) and a big piece of pizza! Don't even dare try syn it!

So annoyed with myself!

I been so good on plan for 2months now, and only Lost 4lbs. That's y just feeling like giving up!

Thinking if could be my thyroid? Because been soooo good! But just not losing, going up down up down, even been lower than am now, but go up down etc :-( x
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I find weekends tough aswell, i went out this evening and tried my hardest to choose a sensible meal. I managed to do it, and was strong enough not to order a dessert aswell - which is rare for me as i love them.

Maybe have a browse on the syn's or eating out thread to see how much your slice of pizza was, and judge it from there. Then atleast you have piece of mind and to record the syns down. I find if i dont bother to find the syns out, i may tend to wonder off plan as i feel i may of blown it, when infact it may actually be okay in the end? If the pizza was over your syns, perhaps have less tomorrow or even it out a little during the week. Perhaps do some exercise if you have time.

I dont have a lot of knowledge about thyroids im afraid, so i cannot help you there.

Keep going, you're doing the right thing being on sw plan, well done so far on your weightloss - keep strong.

:) x


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I'm sorry you're struggling and not feeling so good. If you feel you've been doing well on plan and not losing the weight you expected to, then maybe do take a trip to the doctors, especially if you have any other symptoms.

But if you're not sure - have you kept any food diaries over the past weeks that you could look back on and see if there are any areas in which you're struggling with? Or mentally in your head think back? You mentioned weekends as one of them, a common one I think amongst us.

What is it that is so hard about weekends for you? Is it mainly the things you described? Perhaps then it's a case of being more prepared... have things to do to take your mind off food, have lots of healthy yummy food and snacks, having a chat with your partner if you think they could help in any way. Stuff like that.

But at the end of the day keep in mind you have lost weight. :) That's an achievement and something to be happy about. You haven't stayed the same. You haven't gained. You are on your way and taking the scenic route perhaps.

If it helps at all to know you are not alone, I have been on the plan for a similar amount of time and lost a similar amount.

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I find Friday and Saturday nights really hard. I work on the cashier desk at a local nightclub. Unfortunately you get points in the night where boredom creeps in (like now).

No matter how much fruit, yoghurts and alpine light bars seems to fill the hunger. :-(

Everyone seems to have parts of the week that are hard for them. Just have to remember not to cave and keep going! It will be worth it.
Thank u for your replies.. :)

In the first few weeks I did go out a times (first time in a year a's was pregnant and baby young) and I did let my hair down abit, which I was happy to take the hit for on scales.

But I have been 100% within syns easily and eating LOADS of super free, even been doing success express this week.

I do general excersise , walking with kiddies and chasing my eldest all day :)

But still I only lose 1/2lb here and there and then gain it very easily.

I'm not sure on syns of a slice of 'large' pizza but, I am currently following success express so could have 2 A's and I didn't have any yesterday, so in theory could count the cheese as A and take hit for syns, which id 'completely guess' around 30syns. Also only have one healthy B, but noway could I substitute the dough for a B option lol.

Either way, I feel I've let myself down, I wanted to have no slips using (collected syns) to see if this could be affecting my weight loss.
Recently stopped breastfeeing, dunno if this has Anthing to do with it:

I have always been a big 12/14 but after having son, (eldest) I got to a small 10, I was so happy and proud of myself, then got pregnant, and now over 2stone heavier still :-( x


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You already know why you haven't been losing, as you said its because of your weekends?

I had my birthday on Monday and I weigh in on Sundays. Went waaay over syns monday and was 100% for the rest of the week, weigh in results stay the same! You can't lose weight and eat bad, so just stick to being 100% over the weekends and you'll see results! You may just be a slow loser and somebody who gains even if they eat one bad thing that week! Work with your body!

Also, think about if the bad food is worth it, as I'm sure the pizza didn't make your night any better?? This is something i've come to terms with, for example, going out for a meal im better off going for something healthy and enjoying the chatting and atmosphere, as the food isn't the main part of the night!!!


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^ I agree with the above post - you can feel you are being good all week, but not losing because you are going off track at the weekend, which cancels out what you worked for during the week. Therefore you feel like you've been on a diet for weeks but have got nowwhere.

I don't do it, but what about saving your syns for the weekend - use a weekly allowance instead and count them off as you use them. Try and fill up on as much syn free during the week and then work out what your drinks, pizza etc is and stay within your syn allowance with it?

Also, do you keep a food diary - write everything down as you eat it for a week or two, then you might be able to see where things are going wrong?
Sorry think I explained that all wrong.

I have always saved syns if I want a few drinks. Which isn't often as I'm s full time mummy!

I always stick within my syn allowance for week. Apart from (pizza last night) and even then I only been having around 5-6syns a day with allowance of 10.

I think my body may not like saving syns and using on one night. My weigh in's are Monday's, so doesn't give my body much time to digest the weekend lol!