1lb again.. bloomin medication!! Plodding on


Had my weigh in last night and another pound off, one pound last week and two the week before.. so it's taken me 6 weeks of being soooo good to lose exactly a stone. Not that I'm complaining really, a stone is great, it's just so very frustrating to see people losing so much weight so quickly when I'm not!! :(

I started well, 3 pounds then 4 pounds, then my doctor put me on sodium dyclofenac (strong NSAID's) and co-codomol for pain relief and since then my loss has slowed dramatically. I know you get water retention with the NSAID's, and I am losing inches, it's just at a pound a week I will be months reaching goal!

It doen't help that I cant move around much at the moment (I have trapped a nerve in my spine and have sciatica down one side - awaiting an MRI scan), how can I burn off more calories when sitting? I tried my son's dumbells for my arms last night - any ideas anyone?
The only thing that I know off that reduces water retention is drinking more water and if you are adding salt to any soups - stop.

I hope that you feel better soon. x
Can you try any isometric exercises, since they don't involve actual movement but only tensing of muscles? Best check with your doctor first though because back problems are easy to inflame with any sort of movement.
I don't know much about water retention but presumably there's a limit to how much your body will keep, so eventually the weight loss must come, I sympathise with your frustration though, it's hard when others are losing half a stone in a week.
Thanks! I don't put any salt on my food and I am drinking tons. I guess you a right about the amount I can retain, it has to stop somewhere before I end up like a balloon! I do feel very bloated, my waist is getting smaller and my tummy bigger :eek: (my OH said at least I am getting my hourglass figure back - bless him!!) He, by the way lost 5lbs last night, and 7 the week before, he started 2 weeks after me and has nearly lost 2 stone in four weeks! I am really pleased for him.

My CDC has taken me off the bars (which I love :eek: ) and said to do more activity - which is hard when it takes 10 mins to hobble to the bathroom and back!

Great tip on the isometric exercise, just googled it and reading up, lots of clenching coming up!! :)
I also think that bars have a negative effect on me. The week I was on the bars - I only lost 4lbs (I know this is great but had lost 6 and 6.5 the weeks before) and when I read the label, I realised that they are quite high in carbs compared to the soups and shakes.
Its going too slowly!!

I know the feeling of the weight going so slow, i step on the scales every day and since monday i dont seem to have lost anything! Im sticking to the diet, drinking tons of water.......aaargh!:( I do feel a bit slimmer as jeans fit better etc :) But, god is it disheartening when u dont see the numbers go down! Anyone have any ideas why i dont seem to be losing? I started my 3rd week on saturday, lost 7lbs the first week then 3 lbs the second, now im afraid i wont lose anything this week!!

PS How do i transer my weightloss ticker onto here?

I did not even consider the aspect of bars containing more carbs than the shakes. I knew it had more calories though. I will be weighed on Monday. I think I will test myself for the week and not get any bars and see how well my body reacts. In my third week I had five bars and only lost 2lbs.

Katie_31, I think you will lose weight. I felt the same way on my last weigh in. But I still lost even if it was just 2lbs - better than nothing I thought as I would have been more upset if I did not lose anything.
Katie, I've been finding the same thing, I seem to stick at one weight for 4-5 days then suddenly go down 2-3 lbs the next morning, weird. It's depressing but it does average out in the end.
Paprika, hope the isometrics are OK for you, it's better than not being able to do anything and I think gives you more individual muscle control cos you know what you are using.

Will try it Clairejen thanks.

Katie, for the ticker, I go into user CP, choose edit signature, then just right click on the ticker in Tickerfactory and copy and paste it into the signature box, and save it. I don't know if thats the right way but it works for me!

My OH went to the health shop in Wetherby yesterday to ask about my water retention (!! What a babe!), and they highly recommended nettle tea so he got me some. I have to say it is an acquired taste - I am still trying to acquire it!! Each cup tastes a bit better, I will probably end up loving it!

Also - they recommended some herbal water balance tablets which are made of principally dandelion root and parsley extracts, not sure if I can have these though - maybe someone else might know?

Carol x