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1lb of fat


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I couldn't see the picture but I have seen the 2lb of fat that we have at our group and it's not very nice. You are right though, it puts it into perspective
That is horrible - have set it as wallpaper on the computer - if I keep seeing it it may spur me on
omg thats 1lb! feel much better about myself now thank you!
Hey 1lb is soooooooooooo much even 1/2lb is alot when you look at the picture.
I think this is a excellent post because we can show this to people even those who are daunted by just 1/2lb loss.
Well done!
Ruthy xxx


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TBH after so long I am happy with ANY loss whether it's half a pound or half a stone. As long as I don't put any on I am happy with it


soon to be minnie mouse
So glad I read this thread seeing that lb of fat is gross, good job we have a couple of layers of skin to hide the blubber eh lol
I think its worth directing people to this thread when they say they've 'only lost...' xxx
thank u for pic
i also have set it as wallpaper to remind me i have 22 of them of
i needed this today for have lost my motivation but this will help
love rosie


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Good idea Rainbow. I stopped myself from saying I only lost a pound this week as it was making feel as if I had failed in someway. No it was an achievement as two packs of butter on my tummy would make my jeans look lumpy.
where on earth was i storing 40 of them!!?!? x


Reached Target. woohoo
Hi rosyposy (great name by the way) the pic does bring it home to us of what we carry with us and what we have lost, keeps us motivated. xxx Loobylou


Must do it this time
God Its So Gross Is`nt It,ive Seen 9lb Of Fat Before But I Didnt Realise That 1lb Is A Good Bit Too,i Was Moaning On Here Last Week As I Only Lost 2lb But You Are All Right It Does Put It Into Perspective,

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