1st Day.Only had 2 meals what should do??


Hi, This is my first day. I have drank 6 litres of water and had two meals. I dont feel hungry at all. What should I do? I know that you are meant to have 4 meals a day??
Hi Stardreamer

I'm sure a lighterlifer will confirm that you need to have the other 2 meals before you go to bed.

It is not a good thing to leave packs out. It can affect your weightloss negatively and most likely cause you to go off track. Well done for having such a great first day and drinking so much water.

But you must have your packs and then have an early night if you can as tomorrow may be harder for you.

Best wishes

Dizzy x
hiya stardreamer

you MUST have all 4!!!!

if not your body will go into starvation mode and you won't lose any weight!!! Eeeeekkkk - not a good motivator!!!!

if it helps split your packs - i split the choc and have 2 large mugs black coffee with it mixed in - usually first thing and about tea time.
I also mix a raspberry with loads of crushed ice and extra water as they taste a bit too artificial for me and this helps loads - also means i'm getting lots of extra fluids as i use at 2-3 times more water than recommended but i checked this with my counsellor and it makes absolutely no difference.

You could also try making a mousse using minimal water - not sure how much but it's in your book.....
Hi Stardreamer,

In one way it is great that you have no hunger as this is the way I am mostly...it does make it easier to do the diet.

Missing your packs as the others have already said will slow your weight loss down and your body will hold on to the weight as it goes into famine mode..

Also, you will lose your energy and after a while you won't feel as good as you do need all the nutrition in your packs to stay healthy.

I am off now to have my last one before I forget:rolleyes:

Love Mini xxx
Hope you managed to have all of your 4 packs, hun. It is vital that you have them all to get your daily nutritional requirement. You will feel very groggy and ill if you don't, so it's just not worth it.

Try to space them out throughout the day, so taking them doesn't become a chore.
Hi Isobel,
I did manage to have all four food packs yesterday and had an early night. The amount of water that you consume really helps to make you feel full. I have woken up this morning feeling positive and happy that at last I am facing my problem instead of ignoring it thinking it will some how solve itself!! My counsellor suggested taking a pint (or more) to bed and then when you wake up you can immediately start the water intake so that before you have even got out of bed the waterfall effect is starting. Well here goes day 2 !!