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1st day today - scream!!!


Fighting the Flab!
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Hi all,

its my 1st day today. Saw my CDC this morning.

I was given a box of orange bars and a box of mixed soups and shakes. I have got broccolli and cheese, spicy tomato, strawberry and banana.

I have just finished 1 orange bar, been eating it since 10am!!!
I had a broccolli and cheese soup at lunch .... YUK!!!
I'm planning to have a shake at dinner but i'm really scared that it will make me gag like the soup and i'll be TOTALLY put off my CD diet already.
I'm calling my CDC tomorrow to change the soups and also ask about porridge.

Any tips that people can give me ... or motivation?
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G: 9st10lb

My CDC took the broccoli and cheese soup off our list as she said noone eats it as its minging!! lololol

You can never go wrong with the chocolate and strawberry shakes, especially the tetras ;-)

All the bars are nice, and i love all the shakes. Like i mentioned in your previous post, I dont go for the soups that much.

hope its gets better
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I don't mind the flavours, they all seem ok, so I just get a mixture of them, so just drop the flavours you defo don't like and stick with the others. I've managed to lose just over 2 stone in five weeks on the VLCD, and that's despite a few "weekends off" (weekends away with the lads).

I found the first three days the hardest, it was as if the devil had suddenly put temptation in my path and every TV, magazine and radio advert for food was magnified about 10 times, I even focussed in on a burger van on the far side of the B&Q car park that had been there for years, yet I'd never noticed it before I started this diet.

The porridge is ace, it tastes great but also its "real" food that you eat rather than drink. If I were you I'd stay off the bars until you're in ketosis, I find them very more-ish and easy to eat a few.
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When I started I was able to choose whatever flavours I wanted, took a variety of different ones to try. The tetra's are lovely but your CDC shouldn't have given you the bars until week 3. Good luck xx


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Hi there,
Today is my first day too, and I too tried the brocolli and cheese, but couldn't even finish it! It is vile! It smells and tastes really synthtic. However, the chocolate shake I had lunchtime was really nice, blended with some ice. I had porridge this morning, but without a microwave, I fear it doesn't really work. I wasn't that keen, but everyone else seems to rave about it.

I'm hoping my CDC will agree to change the soup and porridge for something else, and will perservere- got to get through the first few days!

Good luck, Kirsty!


Fighting the Flab!
S: 11st2lb C: 10st10lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 24.2 Loss: 0st6lb(3.85%)
Just tried the banana ... LOVE IT ... thank god ... i was having doubts about the whole diet before i'd even seen in 24 hours!

Going to call MR CDC tomorrow and get shakes because i'm a sweet toothed girl and need to love this to continue!


Wants to be slim!
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I don't like the soups either and I find that the shakes fill me up more than the porridge.

I crush 3 or 4 ice cubes in the blender then add the water and shake and blend for a few seconds. This gives a lovely cold, thick, creamy shake.

I'm not as keen on the tetras but I keep a couple in as emergency if I am going out or for work. At work I tend to use half a chocolate tetra mixed with hot (ish) water to make a hot chocolate and then have the other half later in the day - this also stops people asking questions (they all think it's Slimfast if you are drinking shakes)

I suppose everyone likes different flavours, it's just a case of trying them but don't give up. I think the first four days are the worst but read some posts on this site and you will see it really does get easier - honest!!:D
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Hi my 1st day today!

I hated the porridge and the chicken and mushroom soup both made me gag and almost sick.

Had strawberry one tonight made it into mousse/ angel delight with the powder you can buy from cdc and that was bearable.

Only thing that has motivated me was i just had a bth and weighed myself and have lost 4lb today.

I thought you arent allowed the bars until you been on the ss for 2 weeks?

Good luck for tomorrow


Fighting the Flab!
S: 11st2lb C: 10st10lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 24.2 Loss: 0st6lb(3.85%)
i just weighed myself ... aparently i have gained 2lbs!!! I'm going to weigh myself every 4 days i think ... i need to see results or i get really de-motivated and will give up ... weak!!!

Good luck!


Peggy McParrot
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Try some of the shakes hot, like banana tastes abit like custard, vanilla or choc wiv a bit of coffeee like a mocha, the tetras are nice frozen too, bit like icecream... go onto the threads re cooking, you can make muffins and crisps out of the packs too,

If you don't have a microwave you can do the porridge in a pan...

hope this helps, but they do take some getting used too....

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