Keto meal ideas


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So starting a keto approach again and looking for meals ideas. Here is what i have in mind.

Main meals:
Cottage pie with pumpkin mash topping
Chicken pie with cauli mash topping
Thai green chicken curry with roasted broccolli
Chicken and almond curry with roasted cauliflower
Pumpkin and spinach curry
Moroccan meatballs with mashed aubergine
No pasta lasagne (courgette layers)
Mince and cheese lettice wraps
Stir fry chicken and veg with skinny noodles and toasted cashews

Small meals:
Rice paper wrappers with veg and chicken or egg
Omlettes, my favourite is spinach, goats cheese and chorizo
Scrambled egg and mashed svocado

Cauliflower and broccoli soup
Green veg soup
Chicken broth with veg and skinny noodles
No bean Ribolitta

Roasted nuts
Kale crisps
Egg mayonaisse
Aubergine dip
Roasted cauliflower and garlic dip
Mashed avocado
Greek yougurt with mint and cucumber

Sweet treats and pick me ups:
Greek yougurt with blueberries
Dark chocolate
Cacoa, coconut milk and chia mousse
Coconut milk and cacoa hot chocolate
Almond milk and decaff latte
You will notice a lack of fish and red meat, thats cos i dont like them. I would like to like fish and seafood and have tried msny times but failed. Im not a fan of red meat and find it hard to digest. I do eat mince sometimes and find it quite filling.

I have been playing around with keto substitues for bread and wraps and pizza bases but failed to find one that works. If anyone has one that has been successful please post
Also any other keto meal ideas are welcome regardless of whether they suit me or not
Ive just checked and my rice paper wraplwrs are 8.7g carbs each. I thought they would be less than that. I know thet are just rice therefore just carbs but are small and thin. Still ok to have 2 for lunch if having no other carbs. It would be great if skinny noodles did spring roll wrappers.
Hi Tipperary,
Your meals sound lovely. Do you like celeriac at all? That makes a good mash topping and I know people like celeriac chips. Also, I just saw on Google tonight keto chocolate frosty that looks like a very nice treat.
Hi Mrs Teacup, yes I love celeriac but as a root veg still pretty high in carbs I think. Though I must check the actual amount.
I fried some chicken livers that were dusted in hush puppy powder yesterday. I had to pinch my nose and close my eyes to eat them. I couldn't eat what I cooked. Leftovers are going to the trash pandas.
The BFree company do a low carb wrap. They are 4g carbs. Tesco and Dunnes usually stock them. Google bfree high protein wraps and its the blue packet.
I haven't seen them @Marysu but will keep an eye out
Hi @tipperary. I get Carbzone wraps (direct from their site, or through Ocado). They are pretty decent, we have tortillas pizzas every Friday using them, 4g carbs per wrap. They also do a pasta which is 6g per serving.
If you like stir fry, I add extra bean sprouts instead of noodles.
Chicken Parmasen was a firm favourite when we was doing keto - we coated the chicken in parmasen cheese, topped with passata then mozzarella on top.
There is also a good satay chicken recipe on good food site we enjoyed
When we did lasagne we used strips of Parma ham (can’t stand courgette!) added a nice flavour to the sauce
Any of the low carb wraps ive found taste like paper, it had to spit one out.
Im a decent cook so just cooking proper healthy meals now. Doing batch cooking each weekend and giving myself a nice choice of food for weekday lunches and dinners.
This week i have all homemade
Garlic soup
Chicken and chorizo soup
Brocolli and cauliflower with cheese sprinkle
Coronation chicken
Meatballs in chorizo and tomato sauce
Eggs baked in kale

Each day i take 3 of these choices to work for lunch
Hi all, I'm back.
Well I still haven't found a decent wrap substitute so just given up.

I'm batch cooking each weekend for the week and it's great. I just grab something from the fridge for lunch. I'm eating three course meals for lunch, soup, some sort of protein and veg and then yogurt. Then I just have something small for dinner in the evening.
I make a lovely cream and leek sauce that is perfect with chicken or meatballs.
Chop leeks and sweat slowly in butter till soft, add some garlic powder, salt and pepper and a carton of cream. Then add some grated parmesan and stir, it's that simple. Pour over chicken or meatballs. It would also be great over broccoli and cauliflower