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1st Day today!!


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Well today is the first day!!

I have had my strawberry shake for breakfast, and have a 2l bottle of water on my desk......

I have had my DH take some most attractive photos of me in my underwear - not good .....:wave_cry:...and i have taken lots of measurements all rather frightening really but i am hoping that i will see a difference soon! I am planning on doing the measurements as well as the weigh ins so if i have a slow week weight wise the inches should show!

I could do with any support going as i have a feeling this isn't going to be the easiest time!

K xx

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Welcome and good luck :D

And well done for taking the step onto the LT train :D


Slowly but surely!
Good Luck Hun, just finished first week and feel amazing so it gets easier!


I love my purdy shoes
Good luck with it..you'll be fine take it one day at a time xxxx


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Just had my second shake ..... please tell me they get nicer????

also my mouth is feeling really dry is this normal ...?


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Hello and welcome to the forum and the wonderful world of LT. It might not feel so wonderful now. The shakes are a bit ropey in the beginning, but do get better. Stick with it and get glugging your water. I felt ill on day three....that was switch over day for me, the day when I stopped using sugar as energy, but my fat!! I felt crap, but it was fantastic knowing I was burning my fat.

Good luck hun. Any questions get asking....there is always someone on here to offer help.x


I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya chick and welcome!!

Yup its normal... Soon you will have a furry tongue and very very bad breath!!! lol!!!

What shake did you have for your 2nd?? I love them all and have from the beginning but people who dont like them say they do get nicer xx


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Thank you - at least i know the tongue thing is normal!

I went to boots at lunch time and got another bottle of listerine for work - i'm sure i'll need it.

I had another strawberry one for 'lunch' tbh it wasn't too bad i think that it was a bit rough because i made it in the car and the water wasn't as cold as this mornings...:D

I have a new question now ..... i have so far today drunk 2litres of still water and 750ml of sparkling, is there a limit to how much water i should drink (i am drinking it fairly slowly not in one go )?

thank you for your help so far

Good luck with your journey it get's so much easier after the first week xxx


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DH- Darling Husband!


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Keep going Kat - once you get over day four you have cracked it ! Also yes they do get better as your tastebuds completely change! Good Luck!


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Thank you - i have had my 3rd shake (vanilla with a bit of coffee granules!) and it was ok!
My OH had his dinner and other than having to leave the kitchen as he was serving it we then sat at the table together me sipping my shake and him eating his cottage pie!
so day 1 done! - well almost but 2.5 hours til bedtime and at least being home he won't let me give in!


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Ooo you're very brave sitting with him. I dish up and flee to another room - tbh it doesn't actually bother me but I'm not hanging around just in case it starts to! Lol!

1st day over - it only gets easier so hang on in there! It's really easy peasy if you've got the right 'head' on and are in the 'zone'!!! :):)


maintaining since June'09
Oh yes - re the water - I think you CAN drink too much but I think you're okay up to about 4lts. I know when I've drunk too much because I feel bloated. I've had to cut down a bit because I was uncomfortable. Now I measure 2 litres of actual water but I also have green tea which counts but I don't think ordinary tea or coffee do.

Hope this helps - I'm sure there'll be someone else along to give more advice. xx


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Welcome hun! This site really is great for the support. But it is also great as a distraction when your feeling peckish! Roll on your weigh in next week. It will be all the motivation that you need.
Thank you - today i have woken up with the headache from hell!!

But i am perservering ...... how long will the headache last ????
Hi Kat - welcome to LT! :553:

I must say I've not had headaches myself so don't know how long they'll last BUT - drinking plenty of water should get rid of it. You are allowed to take normal painkillers, if it does persist though.

I find the shakes really nice with a load of crushed ice in them, but not sure how feasible that is in most peoples' workplaces sadly :confused:

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