1st drop-in... What a result!


I've just come back from my 1st drop-in having completed my 1st 3.5 days with Lighterlife.
Could hardly believe it when I was told that I'd lost 6lbs!!!!

It's such a boost as yesterday I was really struggling.
Will I actually ever get to like the meal replacements? I'm told that my tastes will change - will they?
whoooo great loss
Makes it a lot easer knowing you are doing so well dont you think.
You will get to like the the packs,I am doing Cd and now like ones I did not like at the start also hate ones I loved at start,
Keep up the good work
Fantatic result!! You sound so happy!! Next week you will get the bars. I really look forward to them. They taste good. Keep up the good work!!
Great news and very motivating ! Well I haven't exactly got to like them but am used to them and think they are ok. I quite like the soups, and the shakes are better hot I find. I don't like the sweet bars but have come to love the nut crunch which I hated at first. I have 5 a week now. Not long to your week one weigh in now, good luck ! Melissa
I think that maybe I was expecting too much. I first did CD about 20 years ago when I was at university ... thought that flavours may have developed since then! ... but no!

Anyway, thanks for your posts guys, it's great to know that you're with me every 'inch' of the way!
Congratulations on a great loss so far this week.

Regarding the taste not sure I can say I *like* the taste, but, I do tolerate it.

It is liking the taste of things that has got me into this position in the first place.
Congratulations on your fab weight loss!! I like all the food packs so I am not sure if your taste will change. Keep up the great work!!