1st Dr's Weigh In

Morning everyone,
Haven't been posting because as well as work, we are busy redoing the kitchen/dining room and I just cannot escape upstairs!(That's were the computor lives!)
My first appointment to be weighed at the drs was last friday. I had been up to see my granchildren for 3 days and it had all gone a wee bit silly. I was fine until about 1.30pm and then it was so so much harder, and I slipped! Out of my comfort zone you see, anything different and it all becomes even harder.SO....... I went to be weighed and was DELIGHTED !!!!:D have lost 5 kgs. That was in 2 weeks, hey everyone I'm so thrilled.
Doesn't get any easier really, and I cannot get into ketosis, well the sticks say I'm not but I have that strange taste in my mouth. So maybe it isn't registering.
How is everyone else doing??
Would be nice to hear how you all are doing in our journey, a few bumps and curves in the road but we'll get there won't we.;)
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