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1st week on SW and incredably constipated.

I've been more constipated since doing SW, but I put that down to eating much more fibre and bulky veg, and cutting out rubbish. Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids, I drink no added sugar orange as an alternative to water. On the very odd occasion I have taken a laxative just to get things going.


Fighting the bulge
I know how you feel been there myself. Lots of water and a walk might get it going. Or other than that you could try senokot overnight? I sometimes use glycerine suppositiries from the chemist but he told me to use them as a last resort they do get things moving within a few mins usually.


Fighting the bulge

haha!! wondered where u were lol, ive added my thread from last week so everyone that reads this will know all about your poo lovin!! lol

Lol! Well they do say if there's 3 or more people having a discussion it always turns to sex or poo! I have noticed that it actually is true! Well in my circle lol
I agree - lots of water and a couple of activia a day!
Basically, fibre is just stuff that goes through without being digested as such. If you're eating lots of fibre, then you need more fluids to flush it through.
Totally agree Auctivia is great.
Someone mentioned it on another thread 2 weeks ago and i have one everyday now. Have had no further constipated or bloated episodes.:D

Also plenty water, beetroot & grapes helps.
I also avoid banana now as i find the bung me up.


Fighting the bulge
Activia is good but it does take a few days before it starts working! I agree with the above grapes and beetroot are also good and lots of water. I also started eating prunes as i realised i wasnt using my HEX
so responding with my massage therapist hat on......

dehydration is the most common cause of constipation - try and aim for 1.5lts of water (or sugar free and caffeine free alternatives)

try massaging your tummy in a clockwise direction (head being 12 o'clock and toes being 6) - it encourages movement along the colon in the right direction

squats - this internally massages your colon to encourage movement

and of course eating more fruit and veg (and I find quorn has a colon moving effect for me!)

enjoy :rolleyes:
when i started i was for a few weeks :S was awful, but glad put up with it. now take alli aswell as following sw, as makes me regular as the diet was having bad effect.

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