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1st Week weight in!!!

wow thats fantastic, what a great achievemnt i bet your well chuffed? what diet are you on? keep up the good work and well done x x x


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Well done Misty, that's an excellent loss :)

I SS'ed for 3 days then have added a meal since then. But still lost 10lb. I am so chuffed. Thats on Cambridge. Id be very happy with a 3lb a week average loss now to get me to goal in time for my holiday!
just 3 days on ss, thats fantastic. are you continuing with aam or doing ss? i would be happy with 3lb a week but unfortunatly i cant afford cd and cant get back on track with it, i think its coz i know how hard it is not eating. keep it up
Same as you Yummy Mummy, I just cant seem to SS. Within 3 days the crappy feeling I have overtakes me and i give in. At least adding a meal gives me something to look forward to each day. I do a Weightwatchers or a Slimming World recipe and just have a small portion. I lost 9 of my 10lb in the 1st 3 days SS'ing and the other lb over the last 4 days.
thats really good, if i do cd again i might try that. i know what you mean about needing something to look forward to, food is everything to me(sad i know) but i feel if i dont have anything to eat before bed my day isnt complete and i also found thats all i ever thought about.
did you come out of ketosis when you done aam though?


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Well done on your weight loss. Fantastic.:D

I too am struggling SSing and considering AAM. Did you cheat at all? Did you stick to the AAM in the CD book?

I keep trying to SS, but then cheat so I am defeating the object, but worried if I change to AAM, it means I may cheat more.
I decided to stick with SS even though it was causing me a few sleepless nights at the start. What I do now is have a shake for breakfast and then go until 6-ish in the evening and have a large bowl of soup. Not long before I go to bed I have a CD meal bar and this sees me through the night.
It was only difficult the first day to go all day without a meal as by day 2 my body clock was used to the change in routine and I didn't feel the need to eat at lunchtime.

Patricia x
I have no idea if i was in ketosis. I didnt test myself and as much as I want to loose weight, I dont want to become obsessed with it. I know that fewer calories + more exercise = weightloss.

The meal I am adding is a recipe from either Weightwatchers or Slimming World cook books and points wise they are around 4-6 points.


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10lbs off that is amazing. Well done now you are in the swing of things you must keep up the fantastic work....!

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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